News Appetizers: Pigeons have GPS, Violence is Everywhere, Learn to Fool Cameras

Hello and happy Monday, Persephoneers. Yesterday marked 20 years since the riots in L.A. following the Rodney King verdict, which is – I mean, twenty years? Next you’re going to tell me that the O.J. Simpson trial was the trial of last century. In today’s news:

Pigeons are smarter than you (BBC)

Pigeons have magic GPS brain cells. I need those. (BBC)

High tension continues between Sudan and South Sudan; both sides are using language reminiscent of war, which is, as we all know, terrible. (CNN)

Storm chasers are getting in the way of emergency personnel, which is highly annoying to emergency personnel, as well as to seasoned storm chasers who sound kind of crotchety. I don’t imagine this will stop as long as people are willing to pay lots of money for ridiculous footage of storms. (NPR)

Gunmen attacked Christian students worshiping on a Nigerian campus. The story is developing, and it’s unclear at this point how many casualties there are. This is reminiscent of some other attacks by a group that is against Western-style education. (CNN)

A British Red Cross worker was killed in Pakistan by his kidnappers. The murder was “brutal.” Ugh. (CNN)

facesFuck. The news just gets worse and worse today. After the earthquake in Haiti, after the chaos, rape is a huge problem. It’s really awful. (CNN)

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng has escaped, and is presumed to be under U.S. protection, which makes diplomatic relations kind of awkward. (NPR).

A minivan flipped, and seven people died, in the Bronx. Sadness all around. (CNN)

If you want to fool cameras into not knowing where your face is, you can just put big black and white triangles on your face. This also will fool people into not wanting to hang out with you. (CNN)

That’s it for today, folks. Keep fighting the good fight.

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8 thoughts on “News Appetizers: Pigeons have GPS, Violence is Everywhere, Learn to Fool Cameras”

  1. The story about the family in the mini-van is awful, mostly because that stretch of the bronx highway is a well known death trap that the city has no actual idea how to fix. There was a similar accident back in 2008 (bear with me, it may have been 2007) that killed everyone in the car, and accidents happen there frequently.  While the subway is by no means an enjoyable parlay into commuting, driving in this city terrifies me, not only because of the amount of shitty drivers, but the amount of janky ass roads/ highways which ultimately confuse and or entrap people and lead to serious accidents.

  2. I heard that “20 years ago” bit on the news and it caught me off guard too! Huh? What? Really? In my head, everything that took place in the early 90s is only 10 years ago. But it’s not.

    As for the rest of the news, ugh. So depressing. Except for the triangles. Those are bizarro. And will probably work their way into a cop-drama on tv sometime soon!


        1. BUT, would people then recognize the suspect without the triangles? People tend to remember outstanding details, like glasses or beards or giant triangles, and forget everything else. It is possible that with a change of clothes and some makeup remover a criminal could blend back into the crowd and no one would notice.

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