P-Mag Wants to Know All Your Secrets

Friend of Persephone Magazine and real-life Internet maven Kathryn has voluntarily put together an official demographics and interests survey for us to answer, and volunteered to pull all the results together for us. Yay! No more Selena + Google Docs interpretations of a survey, we’re getting the real thing. 

Jump over to this link right here and answer the questions. (If that’s how you roll.)  I’ll reveal the results after we’ve collected all the data.

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21 thoughts on “P-Mag Wants to Know All Your Secrets”


    Survey only accounts for binary cis peoples. Doesn’t allow for possibility of other sexes (intersex people are even cis AND not binary!) without just not disclosing. Related binarist issues with the sexual orientation questions.

    Relationship wise I don’t think I saw a poly option?

    Work option, disability and unemployed are not options, leaving people to chose to be “homemakers”  “Job searching” even if inaccurate, or to not disclose.

    1. Also, it asked how many children were in your household…since I’m living with a couple other “family units” in the same house right now, I decided to put the kids down, even though I’m not their parent or guardian in any real manner other than “aunt.”

      I had a feeling it was trying to ask how many children I was responsible for…but that wasn’t evident from the question.

    2. I have to say – I detest the term ‘homemaker’.  I am a SAHM, but I am no June Cleaver.  Maybe its just me being touchy, but this word always gets my hackles up.  I don’t make this home by myself, my husband makes it with me.  Yes, I currently carry the child-rearing responsibilities, while he currently carries the financial responsibilities, but homemaker…blech!  It makes me imagine frilly aprons, shiny high heels, crinolines and a perfectly made pot roast!

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