Recap: Bones, Episode 7.10, “The Warrior in the Wuss”

Parker’s back from England (wait, what?) to meet his baby sister, Hodgins goes over budget, and a guy finds our victim of the week by stepping in his ribcase. Here’s what happened on this week’s Bones…

The Case

As two guys pull a sickie from work and take their canoe down to a river, one guy gets stuck on something – a human ribcage. The other guy is not at all helpful and who can blame him. At the crime scene, Brennan and Hodgins know they have a male, who died about three days ago, but since the head is nowhere around, they can’t tell much more. Booth, anxious to get to the airport to pick up Parker (yay! Booth remembered he had a son!) ends up falling down a hill, conveniently picking up the head on the way. Yes, that actually happened on this show.

A screencap from an episode of the TV show Bones: The character of Booth, after falling in a stream, holds up a disembodied head
This is not as sexy as when Colin Firth falls in water, I'm sorry. Screencap via

The case is a typically twisty one. Once the victim is identified as Tony Cole, his wife points him to his competition in the Spark and Steel business, Karl Singler. They visit Karl, who has an abundance of possible murder weapons (some stainless steel and 7″ long) and an alibi. Sweets finds a police report about an altercation between Cole and his son’s karate teacher in which Cole’s son Danny made the 911 call, so they bring Danny in to tell them about the fight. It all started when Danny was trying to prove to his dad he was tough by starting a fight with the Sensei’s kid, Blake. When Cole went to talk to Sensei Sherman about it, Cole flipped out and that’s when Danny called 911. The next morning, though, Cole told his son that he wasn’t done yet. Bruises on Cole’s bones indicate that he had an altercation with someone trained in martial arts, so off to the dojo they go.

The Sensei explains that yes, he raised his voice, but he didn’t hit Cole. Booth wants to get a mold of his hands to compare to bruises, but Sensei won’t. Brennan picks up his DVD instead and can tell from that (with the help of the Angelator) that the strike patterns don’t match. They’re looking for someone smaller, like the Sensei’s kid, Blake. Blake, who is an awesome girl, admits to seeing Cole on the day he died. She told him she felt threatened and asked him to leave her alone, but he didn’t, so she used her karate skills to disable him. Her friend got the whole thing on tape (which proves she had no weapon).

Meanwhile, Hodgins has been doing crazy things with a weird worm found in the body and has discovered that it was a mescal worm found in a bottle of very rare mescal that is only sold three places in the metro DC area, including one that was on Cole’s route. They speak to the bartender, who tells them that he’s not surprised the guy was killed – three drinks of that stuff in, everyone in the bar started laughing because they were sent the video of him getting beat up by Blake. Angela finds that the girl didn’t make the video go viral, though; she pinpoints the phone that spread it (you can do that?) as Karl Singler, who spread it to every one of Cole’s customers. They visit Karl again, having nailed the weapon down to something with a curved hook and find a fishing knife on a multi-tool that has blood in the gears. Case closed!

Baby Plot

Parker arrives back in the states after being in England for four months. Seriously? When did that happen? Did I completely miss that plot point or did they just pull that out of nowhere? Anyway, as he gets settled back in, Booth worries that Parker seems kind of not totally excited about the new house and Christine and everything. He gets even more concerned when he finds that Parker is lying to him about what he’s doing. Brennan suggests some family activities to do, but Booth doesn’t think searching for and mounting carrion is fun family time. She shares Booth’s worries, but doesn’t quite understand what’s going on because she sees Parker look at Christine with a lot of affection. She gets more concerned when she looks in Parker’s room for him and finds some toys destroyed, one of her lab coats stolen from her and a bunch of pictures cut up in his closet. It makes no sense because Parker’s always been a sweet kid and he’s always really liked Brennan (didn’t he ask his dad to date her, like, twice?), but I guess England turned him into The Bad Seed. Brennan is concerned about Christine now and Booth says they need to talk to him, as a family.

A screencap from the TV show Bones: The characters of Brennan, Parker, and Booth stand around a crib, looking at a homemade mobile
Seriously, have you ever tried to make one of these? The balancing is a feat unto itself. Screencap via

When they confront Parker, he tells them he hasn’t done anything wrong or stolen anything. Booth’s upset that he’s lying and Brennan tries to explain that, anthropologically, his dislike of Christine is understandable. Parker protests that he loves Christine and they’ve ruined the surprise. He takes them to her room where he’s built (and somehow installed) a mobile for her. He used that toy  that was taken apart to make the frame, and added pictures of everyone and a motor from an RC truck and music chip from a greeting card. And in the middle of it, a picture of him with “Parker” and “Brother” written around it. Christine totally digs it. Booth apologizes. Hopefully, off camera, he is signing the kid up for MIT summer camp because dang, that’s some clever stuff he did there.

Hodgins’ Plot

As Cam delivers a new evaporator to Hodgins, she points out that he’s been buying a lot of toys recently and that his budget is maxed out. She tells him to pick a machine to send back. I’m sure for a minute that he’s just going to buy all of them personally, but Hodgins later lampshades this by complaining to Booth and Brennan that it’s against Jeffersonian policy. So he couldn’t just buy them and donate them anonymously? Really? He gets even more irate when Cam tells him that the Founder’s Day party has been cancelled, and has a nice rant against the “neo-classicists” who just don’t understand Keynesian economics. Aww, Hodgins likes to get his party on. Cam appeals to Angela’s wifely powers of manipulation to help, but Angela is saving her manipulations for when she needs them.

A screencap from the TV show Bones. The character Cam takes a shot of tequila
Yes, Cam, drink in the building on company equipment, using agave from an exhibit, and just pretend that there's nothing wrong here. Screencap via

Hodgins uses every piece of equipment that he ordered in the course of the case (oh no, can’t return now) and ends the day by throwing his own Founder’s Day party in the lab with homemade tequila and guac made on that same equipment. I really hope he sanitized it after it had worm bits on it. Cam takes a drink and decides not to think about all the wrongness that is happening. Well, I guess she at least acknowledged it?

It was great to see Parker again, and I really love that they’re sticking with the same actor and letting his character age naturally, but did anyone really think that Parker was doing anything nefarious with those pictures? What did you think of this episode?

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  1. I really need to start watching the current episodes of this show. We’re onto season 2 of Netflix. I told Mr. Sally J we could probably watch re-runs and the current season together, he responded “They are in order for reason.” West Wing maybe. Bones? I think we could figure it out!

    ANYWAY, thank you for these recaps!

    1. I agree–Brennan kinda just stood there as if she had nothing to say. Coming from a background of having step parents at a young age, I think her apology is even more important the Booths because Parker knows that his father will always love him where as Brennan is on new territory.

      But they totally are covering their asses with the whole England trip thing. Why was he there? Who was he with? What was he doing? And most importantly, why couldn’t we have seen at least a little footage of him there so that we could delight in the wonders of small children with British accents?

        1. It’s not Parker not being around until now that bugs me it’s that he hasn’t been mentioned – period – at all – this whole season.  Ten episodes in, a pregnancy, finding a new house, having a baby…..and no Parker.  That’s either sloppy writing, because they couldn’t spare one line for him, or sloppy editing, because they cut every mention of him.

          1. That’s been my big-bear this entire season, too. Seriously, just a one-off line here or there saying that Booth is worried about how Parker will feel about all the changes or that Booth misses Parker since he’s so far away, or that he skyped with him yesterday. Anything! It’s not only sloppy writing, it’s disingenuous to how they’ve portrayed Booth’s character since it was revealed that he HAD a son. And there were so many opportunities… it’s so upsetting on a story level.

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