Recap: Scandal, Episode 1.03, “Hell Hath No Fury”

I hope you have your running shoes on and brought your trampoline. We hit the ground running in this episode and jump from scene to scene.

We begin with Olivia and team talking while watching Amanda through glass doors. The team is trying to vote on whether Amanda is telling the truth or not. Although Olivia knows she is telling the truth, I think she will keep the secret a secret, so she tells them no vote.

Olivia rushes off to find another situation. Super Olivia to the rescue! She and Harrison walk into a hotel room to rouse a young man out of bed and hustle a half-naked girl out the door. Travis, adorable disheveled man in bed, knows who she is:

“Who do you work for? White House? CIA?”

“Your mother.” Ooh, someone got told.

Camera click, White House. Do they only use that transition for the White House? The president woke up late and apparently on the wrong side of the bed. The First Lady canceled his schedule. He is a bit put out: “I am the leader of the free world; I do not sleep in.”

Really could have fooled me. I thought you just did.

Gideon says, “Hey,” to Quinn, “I have a meeting with your boss.” Olivia runs in, “We do not have a meeting.” She plays all-knowing Olivia and offers him a bone: leave Amanda out of the story and he’ll get a quote. I really feel the love vibes between Gideon and Quinn. She doesn’t seem to be the kind for a casual one night stand, so I won’t call it sexual tension.

Olivia meets with Amanda and asks for physical proof of the relationship. Maybe Olivia is questioning her unwavering support for a stranger. Amanda counters, “I have something but I am not ready to tell you.” So Olivia coaches Amanda on the situation.

“What is the end game? What makes this all end for you?”

“I want to see the president. One meeting alone, face to face.”

Olivia walks in on Cyrus and the press secretary having breakfast. Billy is asked to leave. Apparently Olivia is Cyrus’ work wife. Olivia explains the demands and leaves.

“He’s not sleeping.”

“Cyrus, neither am I.”

We find out from Travis’s lawyer that Helen went home with him. The lawyer says Travis is innocent. It is all about perception.

Camera click, White House and then the Law comes in. Olivia is waiting in the park with two cups of coffee. She holds one out for David.

“Do I need a restraining order?”

“For a friend that brings you free coffee?”

“We’re not friends and that coffee is not free.”

Perhaps in D.C. there is no such things as friends or free; something’s always attached.

Everyone is putting the pictures on the wall. I love the lighted backdrop of the “wall.” I think it has the look more of a sloped windowed ceiling on an old warehouse. According to all their snooping, the jury is set to hang him high. Helen is a “saint,” and a beautiful kindergarten teacher working for a nonprofit. Got to love us teachers working for a nonprofit. Which gives Olivia the idea all Helen wants is the money. Ah, those college loans.

Olivia tries to convince the mom to settle. Even with a he said she said, bruises on a pretty girl tend to be enough evidence. Olivia and the lawyers meet with Helen. Olivia offers to go to nine million. Apparently, this is the quickest way to put it all behind you.

“No. How much will it take you to forget? How much would you be worth?” Helen emotionally asks. Olivia and team walk out. Helen is pretty convincing.

The president has a photo shoot and shakes hands with war vets. He has a hard time with the idea that one man can’t even shake with his right hand. Those men sacrifice everything for their county. Cyrus mentions the one meeting demand. The president asks if Olivia would be there.

“It would be better if you were a cynic.”

Olivia and team discuss Travis’ case. Quinn worries that they have lost. What’s next? Olivia adamantly states that there is always another move. “I do not give up.”

“She really doesn’t like the word lose.” Harrison tells Quinn.

Harrison helps Travis appeal to the common man. Travis is complaining about his suit being rayon. Harrison hands him a tie and tosses the yellow one aside, “They always trust a man in blue.” Travis questions if they didn’t go up high enough: “They always take the money.”

Hmm”¦ that is an odd comment from an innocent man.

Amanda hangs up on Gideon. “He must have something. He’s chomping at the bit.” Quinn points out that Gideon likes her and offers to talk to him. Olivia has to take a call, points at her and tells her to be careful.

Clicks, yep, White House. Cyrus comes in rambling to the president, “We just got this tape.” The president listens:

“I never thought I would listen to you moaning with a White House aide. Amanda is blackmailing you, which means Olivia Pope is blackmailing you.”

The president won’t buy that. Cyrus is not so certain. Cyrus worries that there were no demands with the CD.

Clicks. Oh, wait that’s not the White House. (Bummer, I thought it was sort of cool that only the White House got the camera clicks.) Annie walks out of a house pointing out an expensive car with an AU sticker. Helen went to American University as well.

Harrison asks for the rape kit on Rachel Cline from the nice-looking technician. She responds, “Are you flirting with me?…If I can give you something that will help one of these women whose pain and shame is in one of those kits I’ll do it. But if you want anything else you’ll have to look elsewhere.”

Amen sister!!

Quinn stares at her phone. She gets up the courage and grabs the phone, immediately calling Gideon, and quickly asks him to grab a drink. Hutch witnessed it all.

“You’re weird.”

“I’m not weird.” Quinn defends.

“Weird is good.” Hutch affirms.

The president’s wife calls to make sure Olivia comes to a dinner that night. She points out that Olivia’s name wasn’t on the list and wants to make sure Olivia will be there.

The team talks evidence. Rachel was raped. Recanted her story and had three deposits to her account and an expensive new car. She couldn’t move on so she moved in with her parents and a year later committed suicide. Her best friend found her. Changed her hair color, but Rachel is still Helen.

Helen was after Travis. But not for money. Travis cries to his mom that he screwed up and tried to fix it. Apparently he was taught to fix his mistakes, so he fixed that mistake. Mom is shocked and disgusted.

In the court room Travis’s attorney badgers Helen on the stand. She stalked him, changed her hair color, and went after him. Olivia walks out and sits with Mom.

“My son did that. What can I do?”

“Nothing. Who he is is not your fault.”

Quinn is sitting at the bar. Hutch comes in and “sets her up.” Tells her to let her hair down. Gives the bartender money and directions to put more than normal alcohol in the date’s drink.

Olivia walks into the ballroom in a simple but gorgeous halter top white gown. She walks down the greeting line and greets the president, but continues on and gently says hello to everyone. While dancing with a flirty Billy, the first lady interrupts and changes partners. Olivia ends up dancing with the president.

“Don’t look at me because then everyone will know.”

“Meet me at our spot in ten minutes.”


“I love you.”

Really? What about your wife? What about Amanda? I think I asked these same questions in the last recap. Why do men feel if they keep repeating themselves that we will believe them more?

Gideon and Quinn sit drinking. Gideon adamantly denies calling Amanda: “Don’t get me wrong. I’m digging. But I am keeping my promise. I want that quote.”

Ohh, even better than a cute reporter is a reporter with morals.

Olivia walks down the hall. Cyrus approaches her. He accuses her of blackmail. “You’re being played by the best politician in the world.” Cyrus alludes to her tryst and implies that the president doesn’t really love her. White House agents escort her off White House land.

Olivia goes straight to Travis’ home. When his mom answers, she states, “I was wrong about it not being your fault. It is. You love him, you do. He is playing you”¦ Love is making him face who he is.”

Cyrus walks up to the president and tells him that Olivia is not coming. “She canceled the meeting with Amanda and was playing you. She twisted the knife.” What game is Cyrus up to?

Olivia, Travis’ mom, and Travis are sitting in a conference room.

“It happened once. It will never happen again. I will go away for a few years.”

“That is what I thought you would say. I have already taken care of it.”

Mom walks out as police officers arrest him and take him out. The Law tells her, “Okay, maybe you and I can be friends.”

The president asks why the First Lady invited Olivia.

“You needed to see her. I trust you will now sleep like a baby.”

A wife is never totally blind to her husband’s adventures.

Gideon is in Olivia’s office. Olivia offers him an exclusive to Travis’ case. Quinn informs Olivia that Gideon never called Amanda and her gut tells her that he is telling the truth. I wonder if Quinn is right brain dominant.

Olivia approaches Amanda. “I need every truth and every detail.” Amanda reveals she is pregnant. (Oh man. This isn’t going to go well.)

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  1. Part of me still wants to “like” her.  But I worry about her effect on Olivia.  I think Cyrus is just looking at all the “facts” from a protect the president mindset so you can’t blame him too much.  Amanda is throwing Olivia under the bus without really thinking about the consequences. Course the recording could be from someone totally different. I learn while watching Xfiles, without a body it doesn’t count. SO without proof or a strong lead you can’t know for certain.

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