Sorting the Stars: Hopkins, Hoskins and Keitel

Last week, I sorted rappers turned actors. This week, I’m going with older men who are somewhat iconic, and yet, at the same time, interchangeable in my mind. Two of them were also mention by a reader in the comments last week, so I’m glad I’m not along. I KNOW Anthony Hopkins was Hannibal Lecter. I KNOW Bob Hoskins was in Hook, I KNOW Harvey Keitel was in Reservoir Dogs. But who was it in Nixon? Or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Or The Piano? This is when I get confused.

In searching, I learned all three men are close in age, and two of the three were born in the UK. Here’s a cheat sheet for you!

Sir Anthony Hopkins, photo from IMDB

Given Name: Phillip Anthony Hopkins

Born: 1937 in Wales

Notable: Was knighted in 1993

Notable Roles: Most famous for the super-creepy Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, he also played Nixon in Nixon, James Stevens in Remains of the Day



Bob Hoskins, photo from IMDB

Given Name: Rober William Hoskins

Born: 1942 in England

Notable: Has played Smee in both Hook and Neverland

Notable Roles: J. Edgar Hoover in Nixon (Ha! See! They were both in it!), Sir Pitt Crawley in Vanity Fair, George in Mona Lisa, and Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit




Harvey Keitel, photo from IMDB

Given Name: Harvey Keitel

Born: 1939 in Brooklyn, NY

Notable: Married for 11 years to Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi from “the Sopranos”)

Notable Roles: Mr. White in Reservoir Dogs, George Baines in The Piano, the Lietenant in Bad Lieutenant,  Dad in Little Nicky (maybe not notable, but still)



Pretty much, if there’s a New York accent, it’s probably Keitel. If it’s an extremely proper character, it’s probably Hopkins. If it’s Smee, Captain Hook’s right hand man, it is, without a doubt, Hoskins.

What other actors do you confuse? I’m here to help!

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