This Weekend Open Thread is a Giant .gif Party

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It’s Friday night! Kick off your work shoes, grab a snack, put your feet up and get your adorable hineys in this open thread for some socializing and old school animation. 

Also, a video, because it’s not an OT without a dance party.

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Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.
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[E] Selena MacIntosh*This Weekend Open Thread is a Giant .gif Party

267 Comments on “This Weekend Open Thread is a Giant .gif Party”

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  1. Profile photo of Lurkerina

    Yay dance party and .gif party!

    This weekend has been amazing so far. I just want to share the specifics with you all, even though some of it is way TMI.
    Wednesday was that last day of my contract at work, so I am now officially unemployed, which is a bit of a bummer, but I didn’t really like the job anyway.
    Then on Thursday I had a date. It went really well, but he wouldn’t kiss me
    On Friday I got an IUD! I was expecting it to be all kinds of horrible, but it was NOT THAT BAD! Friday night I went out with friends for dinner and then drinks.
    Saturday I had an afternoon date with the same nice young man and had a wonderful time, but he still wouldn’t kiss me; it made me quite frustrated. So I made the first move (which I’ve never done before) and it was clear that was what he was waiting for. There was much rejoicing. And swapping of saliva. Saturday night I went to an 80s glamour shots birthday party and had a fabulous time.
    Today I have church and then a backyard barbecue with my awesome friends!
    This weekend is so amazing I’m not sure I can handle it.

    To add to the party here:

      1. Profile photo of freckle [M]
        freckle [M]

        Entertaining and everyone got his/her fair bit of attention. I missed the Trickster side of Loki though and there were some gaping plotholes you only realize afterwards because simply so much is happening.

      1. Profile photo of QoB

        YES! Well,, I had to listen to most of it on Radio 1 cos I was on a bus (ACK) but I got to watch that last twenty minutes. I think I was shaking from the adrenaline after-effects for an hour. THE NON-TRY! Kearney’s drop goal was amazing, too.

  2. Profile photo of

    Good afternoon (where I am anyways), Persephoneers!

    The sun rose bright and fucking cheery this morning and as such, I’ve decided to make a Christmas morning casserole (in essence it’s egg, cheese, ham and bread baked together to reach peak FUCKYEAH). Now, as it bakes away in the oven, I’m eating some frozen orange juice with a spoon and watching my boyfriend play the Dragon’s Dogma demo.

    ADJ: His name will be Hulk… NO! His name with be Bulk! NO! NO! HIS NAME WILL BE TANK.

    The character creator on this game is tons of fun. I expect it may get more play time than Saints Row 3’s character creator.

    Also, my life has suddenly become the busiest it could be without having a full time job. I’m taking drawing classes this May and hopefully, I’ll be enrolling in a short little creative writing diploma for the summer months. And now it’s really gotten to be crunch time with MADSOFT Games, inc. releasing a bunch of games in the next little bit. If you are at all interested in dungeon-crawlers or RPGs, I’d suggest you check out Project: Velyria on Facebook (we post screenshots and previews there).

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must finish this delicious bowl of orange juice and begin the arduous task of sweeping.

      1. Profile photo of

        ARGH! Cat litter. It is the very bane of my exist. It haunts my every footstep.

        In my various attempts at preventing the gradual spread of cat litter about my home, I’ve come across exactly zero techniques that work. My last plan involved a towel folded up to catch the litter, but my oh-so-brilliant cat has decided that the towel is the perfect  thing to cover their poops.

        I can see the litter box out of the corner of my eye as I type this. It mocks me. I better go clean it.

        1. Profile photo of upinalather

          I once had the bright idea to put a sisal-rope mat outside the box to catch the litter. My female cat immediately peed on the mat, so outside it went and became my front-door mat (after I poured boiling water on/through it and let it hang-dry).

  3. Profile photo of [E] Slay Belle
    [E] Slay Belle

    Lifetime is on fire today. I mean, as on fire as Lifetime can be. It’s showing ‘Casualties of Love; The Long Island Lolita Story’ right now. One of the 3 made about Amy Fisher. This is the one with Alyssa Milano before her boob job.

      1. Profile photo of upinalather

        That woman is so weird, says me, who may or may not give “kitty massage!” to her two cats. (It involves only a gentle fingertip stroking/scritching from the neck to the haunches. You have to announce “kitty massage!” as you do it.)

          1. Profile photo of upinalather

            Hello, every song becomes a song to my cats. I just substitute “cat(s)/kitty(ies)/meow/paw(s)/claws/kibbles/treats/snuggles/scritches/headbonks/etc.” or their names for song words. Just a few minutes ago, I was singing “Didn’t Leave Nobody But the Baby” by Emmylou Harris (from the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack) to the cats:

            Go to sleep, you little [girl cat name]
            Go to sleep, you little [girl cat name]
            You and me and [boy cat name] makes three
            Don’t need no other lovin’ kitty

            And…I just confessed exactly how crackers I really am.

            1. Profile photo of LittleOrangeElephant

              I love that song! If I sung it to my cat’s it’d be ‘Go to sleep little shiiiiiitheads’ though. I know what I’m singing to them tonight! And don’t worry we can be crackers together. Margarita shooters for everyone!

  4. Profile photo of freckle [M]
    freckle [M]

    I guess I am a feminist. A friend named her daughter Lovely and my second thought was ‘O, so now she’ll never be able to be tough, rude and full of punk. Great way to lock her up into a type.’

  5. Profile photo of twiddle

    Staying at my friend’s house this weekend and she just walked in from last night still wearing her glittery shirt and heels (dude she’s totally been sweet on for weeks now). Now there is dancing around the kitchen to our new hit single “Don’t Wanna Wear Pants Today”.

    It’s gonna be a good day!

  6. Profile photo of [E] Rachel
    [E] Rachel

    Good morning! Hmm… what gif accurately represents my mood this morning?

    I’m waiting for laundry to be done and waiting for more coffee to be ready to go in my body and then I’m making pasta salad for a cookout today.

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