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Looks like the Spring Anime season is all about crazy characters, crazy plot, and having characters called Haru. So this week, I have Eureka Seven AO, Jormungand, Ozma, Accel World, Fate/Zero, and Tsuritama. Out of these Fate/Zero, Ozma and Accel World have the most normal characters.

Eureka Seven A(stral) O(cean), Episode 1

I don’t really remember Eureka Seven except for the weird girl with green hair named Eureka, airsurfing mecha, crazy Anemone (a character) and the main character being called Renton. Oh, and there was some crazy stuff about corals too.

What I get from this episode is that Ao is a weird kid with green hair and that he lost his parents. He has a (girl)friend, Naru, who has “spiritual powers,” and a pet sloth called Noah. There is also a company that knows about the weird kid with green hair and they keep track of Scub Coral (aka coral popping into existence). They seems to have an “attack” force made of children with pastel hair. When Scub Coral shows up, there is sometimes a G-Monster that comes along and starts to destroy things as well. We see a G-monster in this episode and it’s good at destroying things.

The episode ended rather abruptly, though, and poor Ao is now wondering what the hell is going on. He found something that belonged to his mother among stuff that some thugs were supposed to deliver to the military as well. It’s easy to know it belonged to her, it spelled her name and Ao.

So far I get Evangelion flashbacks or any other anime where a normal dude get super mech to fight evil while an organization that was doing just that fails at it. The first episode was rather good, despite being totally cliché in some parts. It was easy to know what was going to happen before it did, but it was still entertaining.

Jormungand Episode 1

Koko Hekmatyar doesn’t look like your typical anime woman. She’s actually in the really creepy category (the smile!) and an arms dealer. She also has a strange, feisty personality. Jonah is a child soldier that lost his parents to war. He hates weapons. He travels with Koko and her group. I guess so he can kill arms dealers, arms manufacturers and people who use weapons. Well, it’s not really my guess, that’s what Koko guesses from his file. The other eight members of Koko’s group are all a little bit crazy, although I think Koko wins that contest hands down. Lots of fun in perspective.

Favorite quote from this episode:

Jonah: What do you do when you are being tailed?

Koko: Shoot first, ask never!

Koko doesn’t just sell weapons, she also makes sure nobody cheats on her or tries to steal her deal. Finally, she claims she’s an arms dealer because she wants world peace, but she has no problem hiring a child soldier. Something does not compute here.

Overall, this is a weird idea for a manga and and even weirder idea to make an anime out of it. This episode had a lot of exposition and the plot wasn’t exactly easy to follow. It wasn’t as violent as I expected, either. I’ll watch a few more episode before deciding if I keep it or not, though. The characters seem interesting enough, but I’m not sure of the setting.

Fate/Zero Episode 14

So we are back exactly where we left this last December. Saber, Rider, and Lancer against Caster and his gargantuan monster. The start was kind of funny with the jet fighters saying that if this was a monster movie they would be goners”¦ bouahahaha.

So everybody in the Grail War is starting to panic a little. They need to remove the monster before too many people see it. Gilgamesh is unimpressed by Rider and Saber fighting and looks totally bored. He actually doesn’t care about the big monster and really the guy just has a high opinion of himself and is super lazy. How did he become king exactly? Also, Tokiomi and Gilgamesh’s partnership is not going well. Tokiomi isn’t a bad guy, he’s just awfully self-centered on his family achieving greatness. Gilgamesh is still a total jerk though.

Looks like Berserker is in full shape, too. He actually takes over one of the jet fighters as a weapon, to attack Gilgamesh with it. Crazy people are crazy. While these two are dancing in the sky, Tokiomi goes to meet Matou (Berserker’s master). Matou has a few question for Tokiomi and he’s not too happy with the answers.

The episode ends on another cliffhanger! Well three actually: Big monster, Gilgamesh vs. Berserke,r and Tokiomi vs. Matou.

It was nice to have this show back, I really missed it. I like the new opening more than the previous one, too. It is a nice mix of music and images/animation. Fewer battles, more emotions.

Tsuritama Episode 1

When I read that this was going to be a sci-fi series, a talking fish is the last thing I expected. Well, at first I though maybe the fish doesn’t talk and it’s just the character that is crazy, but that was before seeing a talking goose that hangs out with guys wearing turbans. The fish does talk and Haru is crazy. He also claims to be an alien and he speaks English.

Haru and his talking fish
Haru and his talking fish

The other main character is Yuki and he lives with his grandmother. Poor chap, although grandma looks cool. They never stay in one spot for long so he doesn’t have any friends and keeps transferring from school to school. Yuki seems like the only normal person in this episode, despite his phobia. I’m a bit wary of the grandmother; something is off about her. Also, Yuki reminds me of me when I was going to school and I had to do a presentation in front of everybody. Well, he’s actually worse, but it is an anime, so”¦

This was an introduction episode and I guess it was a bit formulaic, but Haru being so crazy and the overuse of imagery and metaphors put it in the “not boring” category. Also in this episode we go fishing. I suspect we will see a lot more of that, Yuki seemed to like it. I love the art style too. Colorful and everything except the characters looks like it was painted. Downside, I expect a thousand fanarts of Haru and Yuki as lovers.

Available on Crunchyroll.

Ozma Episode 5

Ozma interrupted the Mexican standoff between the two captains. Party pooper. The sand ends up “eating” the Barnados and the Theuseus ship.

The Barnados crew wake up in a “cave” with water. Sam goes exploring and he finds a Theuseus ship. Of course, he’s going to go save Maya! Yawn. He can be so annoying. He gets captured and Gido uses him to get to Bainas. We at least get some exposition here. The “cave” is the Zone, a seed bank to generate life. It’s full of fish and funky plants. I kind of love that Gido has megalomaniac dreams, though.

A fight breaks out and Bainas breaks Gido’s mask. That was a shock to both her and Sam. Bainas forces Maya to explain the whole thing. More exposition. The episode feels like it’s on speed really. So like I guessed a few episode back, the Theuseus were putting their minds into Natura’s body to survive. Also, Maya is an “original human” from ancient times and the Queen of Theuseus. Her body is actually falling apart, and she don’t have much time before she dies.

Unfortunately for all, the Theuseus army is coming over to “take Maya back” and Ozma shows up all angry in front of the Bardanos. One episode left and I feel it’s going to be just as much on speed as this one. This series should have been turned into at least 12 episodes. I can’t believe it was originally supposed to be a movie.

Accel World Episode 2

Haru lost. No surprise here; he didn’t have the game manual and he’s level 1. His special ability is a head-butt. Although, joining up in the game allows him to have lunch with the (super manipulative) pretty girl to talk about his miserable experience. His real name is Arita by the way, but I prefer his porky avatar nickname.

This episode is all about learning how to play the game. You know, a program that can read your subconscious and make a fighting game avatar for you out of it might be nice enough to leave you a “how to” manual along the way. Just in case you need it. Also, the program could be linked to drug usage: you have to fight to increase your Burst Points and keep on accelerating. Drop to 0 and you can never accelerate again and the program removes itself and can never be re-installed.

After the crash course, Haru gets to have a rematch against the guy who beat him and he wins. He still has a few things to learn. He also made a few “fans” in the game. This means super awesome future matches. I hope.

Also, Snow Black is so”¦ evil. I love her. This show is worth watching just for her. I have a few ideas why she needs Haru’s help, but they might all be off. Chiyu isn’t that much of a fan of hers, though. Funniest part of the episode: Snow saying Haru rejected her to all the upperclassmen at lunch.

Princess Snow Black telling others Haru rejected her
How to gather attention: say the fat guy just rejected you.

Can’t wait for episode 3.

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