What I Watched Last Night: Daria

Prompted by a present I received from my best friend, I have been on a Daria kick. If you don’t know what that is, please, please for the love of pizza, fix that.

No matter how many times I watch this show, and no matter how much I agree that Tom might have been the better man for Daria, I am still a firm Daria-Trent shipper. Everything in me tells me I shouldn’t be, but I am. I mean, Trent was a lazy burnout, but he really cared for Jane, and give me a big brother that cares for his sibling and you’ve got me sold. Besides, I still squeal during the episode “Pierce Me” when Trent tells Daria she’d look cute with a belly ring. And if it wasn’t for Trent, Daria and Jane would have a hard time mending their relationship because of their stubbornness.

I think the main reason I refuse to accept Tom is that he started off as Jane’s boyfriend. I know that if Daria and Jane can move past that, so should I, but I can’t. Sorry Tom, take your conventional good looks and sarcastic attitude and leave me with my skinny unwashed Trent. (Ew, maybe not unwashed.)

What about you, were you a Tom or a Trent shipper? Why?

I leave you with some Trent to try and get you to join me on this sinkable ship:

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13 thoughts on “What I Watched Last Night: Daria”

  1. I’m with you – against all my reason and logic and much-revised ideas of what makes a really great man, I can’t help loving Trent.  I never got that in to Tom – he seemed a little too perfect for Daria, if that makes sense.  It didn’t seem real.  The messy, embarrassed, incompatible Trent crush seems much more real.  Plus he was my first ever cartoon crush…aw.

    1. Aw! Join me on this sinking ship! Tuxedo Mask was my first *real* cartoon crush. I liked some animated men before him, but not like him. Then Trent was my second. I think Tom would make a great boyfriend for Daria…in college. There were just too many flaws in their relationship and a lot had to do with Daria not really being ready for Tom. But she would have been awful with Trent at that age too. I still subscribe to her fantasy of them at the end of the project episode, where he is mature and she is wearing a tiara. lol

  2. I watched a few episodes of Daria online recently and it was excellent. I was always Trent fan but I thought Tom wasn’t so bad either. I couldn’t really see Daria and Trent working out in the long run, if it had come to that. Daria realizes that herself later, when Trent flakes out on a school project she and Jane are supposed to be doing.


  3. Man, I haven’t watched Daria in forever. I think I need to go find this and remind myself of being 14 again.
    I did always love Trent, but I have to admit I remember being all *squeee* when Tom and Daria got together. But aside from the fact that I really wanted validation that someone like Daria (and me by association) could be wooed by someone like Tom, I still have to side with Trent. There’s something good about unrequited love. I’m glad the writers never went down that path. It wouldn’t have lasted, and it totally would have crushed the inevitable mental construct Daria had of Trent thereby being a disappointment.

    Also, wasn’t there some weird class-difference thing they put in the Daria-Tom storyline?

  4. I am finally sitting down and getting through all the episodes of Daria which is a show i’ve always adored but only ever caught random bits of. So far, at the beginning of season 4. I can’t really comment on Daria/Tom but I definately a massive fan of Trent, he is just beyond schmexy (is it ok to call a cartoon schmexy?). I liked how that crush was resolved at the end of seeason three with the little chat Trent and Daria had about their project which was sorta kinda ctualy about their potential … Why Trent is so schmexy I cant even pin down. He jsut sorta is …

  5. I liked that Daria’s huge teenage crush on Trent went unrequited.  I also in retrospect think it’s interesting that a teen show depicted that weird reality that happens sometimes: a guy stays in a relationship with a girl because he’s trying to get with her friend.  The conventions of TV usually force some unrealistic social situations to play out (my fave being how the central group of characters will only be friends with each other and none of them will know anyone else).  And I think at the end of the day Jane was always more truly autonomous that Daria was.  She was going to be fine no matter what.


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