Fun Time Open Thread: Once Upon a Time

We’re going to try something a little different tonight. I want you to tell me a story. 

I used to have a game called “Once Upon a Time,” and over the course of the game, the players made up a fairy tale one sentence at a time. I’m thinking we can do this over the Internet, if we try. I’m going to start us off, and you guys pick it up in the comments.

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Spike who wanted more than anything to be a poet.

Remember, one sentence at a time, and then it’s someone else’s turn. It can, however, be a very long sentence, if you are inspired and can manage to string everything together with commas ;)

A black cat with green eyes on a white background
Let me woo you with my words...

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  1. Not related to the story- today was such a lovely day off. One of the nice things about a wonky retail schedule is random Tuesdays off. I slept in, did some necessary crawling around under the house (needed to open the vents in the crawlspace), took puppers on a long walk, and then went for a haircut. I love spending time with the mister, but I love having days to myself.

                1. As she laughed, the object on her lap — a bag maybe, or a box, or a cat, depending on which side of his eye he looked at it from — shimmered and stretched and sighed, till the old woman patted it comfortingly and the object — the bag or box or cat — settled back down.

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