It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT

Everybody in your cutest pajamas, we’re giffing it up again this weekend. 

Here are my early contributions:

Animated .gif of a scene from TV show Doctor Who with an Adipose baby dancing on a bar.

Animated gif of a yawning kitten.

Cartoon character Homer Simpson beating the shit out of his backyard grill.

Animated gif of retro kid's game Hungry Hungry Hippos

Animated gif of a Dalek from Doctor Who spinning into a hole. Text reads: I regret nothing.

Animated gif of a drawing of Doctor Who and a Dalek, riffing on the "Soft Kitty" song from Big Bang Theory.

Animated gif of cartoon drawing of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors dancing.

Why yes, Nine, Ten and Eleven! It is a damn fine time for a SPONTANEOUS DANCE PARTY.

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235 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT”

  1. I approve of this open thread. I shall be glued to my computer screen all weekend, with the exception of simultaneously celebrating the spawn’s birthday and the KY Derby.

    Here’s what I got.

    Dancing! (We’re supposed to do that at .gif parties, right?)

    It ain’t much. But I eagerly await the awesome .gifs I am about to see.

    Specifically, puppy .gifs. I wanted, so very badly, to share the one of the husky puppy eating a lime – alas, it was too large. So fuck this monopoly cats seem to have on .gifs. Bring me puppies. Preferably northern breed puppies.

  2. I am in a bit of dilemma….

    I have been job hunting from 2,000 miles away from my new city.  I was having not much luck, until I was offered a position with a company I have a previous relationship with.  I was excited, but the job isn’t ideal for a few reasons.  I think I could be happy there but it would mean a long commute and less salary than I had hoped for.  I weighed my options for some time and kept applying but kept getting rejected.  So, I accepted the job today at approximately 10am.

    At approximately 11am I get a phone call.  It was a call for an interview for a position at my dream job, basically.  I had applied months ago, and through a contact at the company found out I wasn’t selected for an interview two weeks ago.  I am not sure what happened, but I am taking the interview. I have not told them that I have accepted another position.  I also didn’t tell job #1 about the interview at possible job #2 yet.  Am I being unethical? If I get an offer at dream job I would be very tempted to take it, but I feel very badly about how this all played out.

    anyone have any advice?

    1. Would it be unethical?  Maybe, but probably not.  Would it be unprofessional?  Almost certainly yes.  I mean, you have committed yourself to these other people, and they’re expecting you.  ON THE OTHER HAND, if it’s worth it (REALLY worth it, consider your reputation) you should probably go for it if it’s your dream job.  Also, have you signed anything?  If you have signed anything you might want to read that before you decide what to do.  Because you might have agreed to something.

    2. You didn’t mean to end up in this situation, but you did.  It’s not like you accepted a position and then continued to send out resumes.  See what happens.  If you get a job at your dream job, you should take it and you should not feel bad about it.  Unless you’ve promised job #1 you would stay for a certain amount  of time, I don’t see a problem with it.  At the end of the day it’s just business.

      Good luck getting your dream job!

    3. Your dream job, you say? Here’s what you do: you get that job and you take it and you work it and you be happy. And you don’t tell them you have accepted another position because that is not part of your deal with Dream Job. Or you stay with door number two, less job for less money, and you resent it and dream of what might have happened had you gone for Dream Job.

      It is not unethical to go for the best thing for you. If you never start Inferior Job, there is no harm done. You tell them you can’t do it, they find somebody else. No big thing, and look at it this way: that company would do it to you, wouldn’t they?

      1. “It is not unethical to go for the best thing for you.”

        THIS right here! Perhaps I have already become bitter in the two brief years I’ve been in the corporate world (not sure if your job is corporate-y or not), but they probably would not think twice to screw you over. It’s your life, do what’s right for you! Good luck with the interview!

    1. *pours one for my homey* It’s sad new, but I’m glad he’s not having to suffer through salivary glad cancer anymore. I just wish he’d been able to go to their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

    2. I know it’s a cheap joke, but fuck it: he fought, and died, for our right to party. Let us honor him.

      I’ll be listening to this song all night, probably.

      ETA: Aww! Forgot they point at the dog on the “if you don’t cut that hair” line.

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