It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT

Everybody in your cutest pajamas, we’re giffing it up again this weekend. 

Here are my early contributions:

Animated .gif of a scene from TV show Doctor Who with an Adipose baby dancing on a bar.

Animated gif of a yawning kitten.

Cartoon character Homer Simpson beating the shit out of his backyard grill.

Animated gif of retro kid's game Hungry Hungry Hippos

Animated gif of a Dalek from Doctor Who spinning into a hole. Text reads: I regret nothing.

Animated gif of a drawing of Doctor Who and a Dalek, riffing on the "Soft Kitty" song from Big Bang Theory.

Animated gif of cartoon drawing of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors dancing.

Why yes, Nine, Ten and Eleven! It is a damn fine time for a SPONTANEOUS DANCE PARTY.

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235 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT”

    1. That’s freaking awesome! I’ve come across the hero generator in the past. It never fails to suck in a few hours of my time each time I do…this time included.

      There’s an alpha version of the 3rd version of Hero Generator at What makes it awesome is there’s a lot more flexibility in setting up some really cool looking poses. But it’s also a little harder to use.

      I love it because I can make badass-looking female heroines!

      Welp, that’s 2 hours wasted!

        1. It’s definitely got a serious learning curve. I think part of that difficulty is because this version is still under development, so there’s a lot of gaps in things.

          In my complete avoidance of work this weekend, I ended up doing this:

          I’m not happy with the left foot yet (but I haven’t figured out how to pose it right). A lot of this was done by squishing/stretching items in order to try to imitate foreshortening.

          The clothes are positioned on the torso like that by abusing the masking function. If you look at the tutorials there, it explains a bit how to use it if you haven’t figured that out/looked at it yet. Basically, I masked the upper torso onto one background piece, masked the lower torso on another, and then I positioned them so it looked like it was tilting. Then, I hid both those pieces behind the larger piece.

          I actually abuse the masking function a lot in this picture in order to try and provide some extra detailing/shading. For instance, there’s actually two identical hairpieces there. One is layered over the head, the other is layered behind the head. I masked the one that is layered over the head so it wouldn’t overlap on her left cheek, because it looked weird the way it was.


  1. I really should avoid reading stuff I’ve written earlier. It always ends in ohGODCRIIINGECRIIIIINGE – and in this instance, since I looked at these papers after adding them to my profile, also in thinking that people will think I’m an idiot. Oh well.

    Idk if these feelings mean my work has actually been improving (recent failures don’t seem to point in that direction), or that I’m just somehow managing to be oblivious to how poor my work is in real time. And I know that these days I should be whispering “A finished dissertation is a good dissertation” to myself over and over again while drifting towards sleep each night, but for once, I would prefer to present something that does not make me feel embarrassed later.

    I guess another talk with my supervisor is in order. If it wasn’t for her uncanny ability to boost my nonexistent faith in myself, I would never have gotten so far.

  2. Oh my god my neighbors are dicks. I will be so glad when they’re done moving out. I don’t care that you’re done for the year. I gave you a full week to party, but I still have exams, which frankly are more involved than you stupid undergrad exams. Fuck off. And turn that noise down. I don’t feel like vibrating on my couch because you can’t keep your bass balanced. /end rant

    1. Fucking hell I hate that, too. And some people are such twatwaffles about it when you tell them their ridiculously tuned music is giving you a headache while you’re trying to study.

      This is one of those things that I positively can’t stand…

      1. Thank you for using the word “twatwaffles;” that totally kicked me out of my annoyance. That and yelling at them finally worked. The look they gave me was one of scorn and annoyance, but it worked. And now I study in peace once again.

    2. OMG.  My neighbors too!  They are all about the loud music.  Last night they played it till they went out to the bar at about midnight.  THEN it started up again at 4:14 am!  WHAT THE HELL???  Stupid 22 year olds.  Law students.  Living above you.  With final exams.

      1. See this is why I think there should be separate housing complexes for people with different needs at the same cheap prices. Cause med student and law students should never have to live with or around college students who have no manners. That goes for newly weds and people with kids who don’t want to live around students but can’t pay for a more private living situation.

      2. If it’s any consolation, at least not all us young folks are like that! I went to college at 16 and I was always a very quiet undergrad. I always tried to be respectful of other people with my music and such. I’m sorry the undergrads around you are not. I was always seriously pissed off about that sort of thing, too.

        1. I’m with you there. I was ignoring her use of the age 22.. cause I was a first year medical student at 22..(That makes it sound it was that long ago, but really it was just last year).  I know a lot of college students that are super good about being nice neighbors; these guys just suck. And honestly just this week. Usually they’re really good about the whole I need to study a lot thing.

            1. Nope, I get that.  My comment was basically that my neighbors ARE 22.  And they’re not students.  They’re guys (really douchey guys) that have their first grown up jobs in the big city.  And as such feel it necessary to act like idiots.  I am aware that not all 22 year olds act like that.  However, my current perception of 22 year old guys is that they are IDIOTS.  (Of course, they have friends who say things like “Where’s the rape room?” and try to grope me on my front porch.  That has been my exposure to 22 year olds lately.)

            1. I hate am not a fan of babies and kids and don’t understand the need/want to procreate (OK, everyone gets it, @upinalather, move on) but I love Baby Mama. If you like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you will like the movie. It’s on TV occasionally.

              Also, Greg Kinnear is way hot in it. It also has Steve Martin acting extremely over-the-top, more so than usual.

  3. I was in a great mood today — until my mom started telling me how she’s brokeasspoor, and just found a part-time job but it doesn’t cover her bills, and how she had to apply for SNAP/food stamps so she could eat.

    Uh, Mom? I am dealing with the same shit. Except I don’t have a flock of friends who will show up with extra groceries, I don’t have an extra room to rent out, and I have a box of spaghetti to last me three weeks. My next two paychecks from my temporary, part-time will be for rent (one of which will be late, so added charge to that). I can’t send you grocery money if I can’t feed myself — and the social services office is open when I’m at work. At my temporary job. Where I can’t really just miss a day.

    I hate that I spent four and a half years working my ass off and accumulating a shitload of student loan debt so I could barely pay rent and usually manage a meal a day.

  4. Tomorrow a six hour trip (in total) to boyfriend’s grandparents. By train, so at least finally I will be able to finish my book. And they will try to fatten me like a Christmas turkey, so already I’m chanting ‘No thank you, I’m fine!’ as a mini-mantra.

  5. I accidentally agreed to a five-hour playdate with Lexie’s bff and his mom. I thought Neil was coming along, but then as soon as I hung up with her he told me he still wanted to go to some Occupy event in the area that I was hesitant to take the kiddo to so he would just meet us at the pool at 3.

  6. Hi everyone! I have posted this in the Canadian Persephoneers group but OTs get more traffic so here it is again:

    I will be spending a month in Canada this summer for work (research) and I thought maybe someone knows somebody who knows somebody who would be willing to rent me a room in their home without, you know, murdering me in my sleep? I will be spending time in Vancouver and Calgary, starting some time in July. I can’t afford to stay at hotels for a month and looking at Craigslist makes me want to cry. Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions on where to look for safe, affordable accommodation, please send them my way! (This is not my first research trip to Canada so I have references and stuff. You know, real people willing to vouch that I will not kill my roommates in their sleep either!) Thanks in advance!

    A quick search of my harddrive indicates that I do not know any gifs, so… Please scroll down and look at the ones Rude and Not Ginger posted. I totally subscribe those!

      1. Thank you so much! I wasn’t even considering kijiji because where I come from it’s the last place you would ever look, good to know it’s big in Canada, I’ll have a look! I have been looking into university accommodation in Vancouver but it seems to be for people taking summer courses… I’ll have another look just in case. Thanks for the links!

    1. I don’t know anyone in Canada, nor have I ever been, but I had to let you know that this:

      I thought maybe someone knows somebody who knows somebody who would be willing to rent me a room in their home without, you know, murdering me in my sleep

      made me laugh and laugh. Thanks!

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