It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT

Everybody in your cutest pajamas, we’re giffing it up again this weekend. 

Here are my early contributions:

Animated .gif of a scene from TV show Doctor Who with an Adipose baby dancing on a bar.

Animated gif of a yawning kitten.

Cartoon character Homer Simpson beating the shit out of his backyard grill.

Animated gif of retro kid's game Hungry Hungry Hippos

Animated gif of a Dalek from Doctor Who spinning into a hole. Text reads: I regret nothing.

Animated gif of a drawing of Doctor Who and a Dalek, riffing on the "Soft Kitty" song from Big Bang Theory.

Animated gif of cartoon drawing of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors dancing.

Why yes, Nine, Ten and Eleven! It is a damn fine time for a SPONTANEOUS DANCE PARTY.

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Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

235 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Soon for Another .gif Party OT”

  1. Just got kicked in the face by a migraine. Can’t nap yet, since I need to vacuum, since a window broke in my apartment last night (yaaaay glass everywhere… including the couch, which needs to be vacuumed before I can nap on it).

    The window is fixed, but there is still glass-dust-crap everywhere.

  2. Last minute Janeway gif barrage! This woman had a bona fide pair of steel ovaries. She willingly walked onto a Borg cube and unlike Picard didn’t try to kill all of her friends. Janeway will always be my favourite captain and Voyager will always be my favourite Star Trek. Boom.

        1. She was also, next to Kirk, the wittiest of all the Captains. Picard was funny maybe three times, Sisko hardly ever, I never made it through an entire ep of Enterprise, so I don’t know if Scott Bakula was clever. Janeway had a sense of humor that matched her big brass ovaries.

          I hope she found herself a curly-headed Welshman (the gold standard, of course) when they got back to earth.

  3. Washed the windows and curtains today, in addition to the usual Sunday domestic goddessing act. Well, the view I’ve got may not be fabulous, but hot damn is it pristinely clear now. And also, there is that elusive, wonderful thing known as freshly laundered curtain smell, and my room is full of it. (Not to be confused with fabric conditioner smell, I use unscented, so this is definitely something that comes from the curtains themselves.)

    Yeah. I am going to sleep so well tonight.


      1. I bop my curtains with a feather duster every once in a while.  I don’t think it’s ever even occurred to me to launder them. I do windex the windows once a season or so, or when they get so many cat nose prints on them I can’t see out anymore.

        If anyone every judges me on my windows, they can GTFO. A little dirt never hurt anyone.

        1. If you ever get round to it, prepare to be amazed at how dirty the water will look, and how different they’ll feel to touch, even. Dust sticks to curtains like crazy. Not all fabrics react that well to laundering though.

  4. Hello everyone, my how I’ve missed you!

    I’ve been ridiculously busy the past month with my new, incredibly awesome job, school, trying to have some semblance of a social life, and I’m in the middle of moving.  Last week was easily one of the shittiest weeks of my love.  My grandpa passed away Saturday morning, and traveling to his funeral meant five flights, two eight-hour drives, and six different states.  My birthday was Weds, and I spent that at my grandpa’s funeral, getting stung by a bee, getting hit in the face with a microwave door, and on three different flights.  I made it back to town late Thursday night, and was looking forward to a special weekend planned by my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday.  Well, Friday night, my wonderful, caring, loving boyfriend whom I planned on marrying and having babies with decided to break up with me.  Via text.  He said he wasn’t having fun in our relationship anymore and didn’t want to live a lie any longer.  I’m sure it will hit me in a couple of days at a completely inappropriate time and place, but right now I’m simply out of fucks to give.

    Anyways, today is Sunday, which means my epicly shitty week is over and it is the start of a new, wonderful week.  I am going to the Cubs game with a good friend of mine, and tomorrow I will throw myself into my work. I don’t know if these have been posted yet, but they seem appropriate:

    (edited by Selena to put your .gifs in the post.)


    1. Ouch, honey, that sucks. I hope you and your family are doing okay about your grandfather, and I will punch that douche if he comes near you again. The selfish prick. /internet hugs (if you want them). I know next week will be better.

    2. I cannot believe he broke up with you via text message.  What a bucket a douche. And I’m sorry about your grandfather.  My own grandfather passed away last fall and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I hope you have a much better week. :)

    3. What’s with the douches this weekend? I have a good friend who also go dumped via text. Is there some registry somewhere that we can turn to next time for a little heads up? I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather too. So many hugs. I hope life rewards you in an equally fantastic way next week. Hang in there.

    4. I’m sorry for your losses.

      I don’t know if you’ll be able to appreciate the bullet dodge that occurred for a while, since your ex is obviously an epic douche, but for now I’m glad of the fucks you are not giving. Here’s to you:


      May the sparkles and annoyingly bouncing text amuse or distract you for a second or two.

        1. Seconded. I want, nay, need Marsters to go back to the bleached, spiky-hair look tout de suite.

          Marsters was in the pilot of Three Inches on Syfy that apparently went nowhere. Am I the only one who saw that? I think the concept was probably way, way too close to Alphas for it to be greenlit (greenlighted?).

  5. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: tequila and irish people do not mix. Nudity and violence. always.
    And yet I always drink it when my friends put it in front of me…. this will prove hilarious and horrible. always.

      1. For me, tequila ALWAYS results in happy-drunk-ness (except for one time, but there was a guy at the party who was being exceptionally douchey, claimed to be a wrestler but did not know the basic holds, and then gave the well-known wrestlers’ signal for “we are wrestling now.” I still claim that he started it. Also important to note: I didn’t hit him or anything. I just put him in an arm-lock.) Also, tequila does not give me hangovers. I am French-Canadian, Scottish, Dutch, and German, so take from that what you will.

  6. My idiot neighbor started running the water for his laundry on top of mine. There was an empty washer with the lid up, RIGHT THERE but no, he decided to start the water–without looking first–in the one with the closed lid. What a genius! To make matters worse, he decided to awkwardly stand there and watch me while I wrung out my sopping towels.

    1. The only real reason I’m not a big fan is that my city is so small, there’s hardly anyone here, and no-one my type. BUT because there is a larger city 45 minutes away, it always gives me matches for there… but no-one there would be interested in seeing someone from here, because they have a MUCH larger pool of potential dates.

      This is for gay dating… although apparently straight dating in my city also sucks.

      1. Yeah, a small dating pool is one of my concerns, but I’m not meeting anyone I’d be interested in on my own as it is.. SO it’s a give and take I guess. I’m just not sure I’m ready for the whole meeting up with complete strangers that have been vetted by no one I know thing.

    2. I think it can be fun, as long as you keep your expectations low. Not your standards, mind you, but expectations. Sometimes you meet cool people! Sometimes you meet crazies. I’ve done OKCupid in two cities and have had experiences with both those types of people (plus added bonus: people who bore me). Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet someone you really click with. It’s a good way to get out and explore the city even if they aren’t awesome dates!

      So basically:

      Pros: Screening process! All of these people are looking for dates too. In general, if something seems weird in someone’s profile, it is three times as weird on the second date and beyond. Free! Shared interests! Hilarious terrible date stories if things don’t go well!

      Cons: There are plenty of sucky people on OKCupid. Possibly more than you would encounter in normal daily interactions. But again, free. It can be disappointing to date and not feel like you’re getting anywhere too, though, at which point it is advisable to just take a break from dating.

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