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I’m a lady who knows what she wants; I gots me ambition and dreams and opinions by the boat load. Unfortunately, I’m also saddled with the burden of being nice all the damn time. Can’t handle awkwardness! Can’t handle disappointing others! Must be the nicest person in the room! Can never acknowledge my own strengths or rightness, even when the situation demands it! Cannot take too much charge of my life lest anyone think I do not require male guidance! So, I’m issuing an official Lunchtime Poll declaration for all of you out there who, like me, need a little fire under your ass: this is the week of the Persephone Magazine BAMFs – Badass Mother Fuckers.

That’s right, you heard me. We’re going to be BAMFs all week long, you and I. Might just be that we demand our bosses hear us across the conference table in that big meeting. Maybe you just need to tell that passive-aggressive family member to shut up and screw off. Or, could be it’s a matter of strolling proudly into the Department of Motor Vehicles and taking a ticket, even if (like me) that place makes you anxious as hell. Most importantly, we’re going to share those experiences (past, present, and future) right here and now. How are you going to be a BAMF today, tomorrow, or in the next month? How were you a BAMF yesterday, last weekend, or last month? The time has come for the meek to rise and demand to be heard. Tell us all about it in the comments!

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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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  1. These days I’m perpetually thirty seconds away from getting my BAMF on. I’m doing a presentation in uni, and I’m supposed to be doing it with two other people. One of them hasn’t done any work at all, the other has barely done any work. When I think about what sort of shapes this presentation is going to take, I’m like this:



    I’m meeting with one of the other people tomorrow – who hasn’t been to any classes, by the by – to see what they come up with. The other person doesn’t want to meet up tomorrow because “they haven’t got much done” – and therefore wants to leave it until two hours before we need to do it before running through it properly.

    My BAMF moment? Up with no more fuckery shall I put!

    1. No little cold virus can hold YOU down. You have an immune response arrayed AGAINST that damn cold; let them do the hard work of dealing with it while you get your shit done.

      OH YEAH; just imagine how great you’ll feel when it’s done.

      BAMFs are like, “What? I’m sick? I didn’t notice because I was too busy being awesome getting THIS SHIT DONE.”

    1. The anxiety monster is no small one to slay, but you faced it down and tromped all over its hopes and dreams like a super-cereal BAMF. And you are the mother of “Be a BAMF” Monday because you basically DEFINED unfucking things.


      Now pat yourself on the back and have a good laugh at the pain and suffering of your business-stuff anxiety!

  2. I am going to be a BAMF by being a volunteer/herder of young’uns at a workshop this week aimed at getting elementary school girls interested in computing, physical science, and math.  I am TICKLED PINK about it — I love being an Example of a Woman Who Does Physical Science and Wears Skirts When The Mood Strikes Me for girls.

    1. Yay for being an awesome role model for the kiddos! I love being an Example of a Woman Who Dies Physical Science (especially the dirty field kind) and Wears Skirts When The Mood Strikes Me, too! This has actually made me realize that I haven’t worn anything girly for a looong time now – BUT I did order a new dress online that I should be getting in the mail this week. Time to reiterate my lady-ness in the lab.

    2. YEAH! You show those girls that it’s not all Disney princesses and bowls of strawberry ice cream. You show them that we ladies do the differential equations with the best of them! You get out there and be such a BAMF that those girls go home and tear down their posters of *NSync or whomever else the kids are listening to these days and put up YOUR poster, instead!

      BAMFs wear skirts ONLY WHEN THEY WANT!

  3. I am going to BAMFing TOTALLY FINISH my matrices. Then I am going to figure out how to do the next step. The program isn’t working the way I want it to. I want there to be a button that says “COMBINE” and I can combine things. If I can’t have that…then…Idk. Head, meet desk.

    I will be a BAMF on my stats test, and rock it! Last one of the semester, after this, it’s over no matter what!! :D Woo!

    1. You know what? You’re such a BAMF that if you cannot make those matrices go the way they should, you’ll still emerge from the experience a BAMF, because you don’t let ANY group of matrices ruin, define, or substantially impede you in any way.

      And then you’ll be a BAMF on that test, and when you walk out, you’ll be like, “FUCK YEAH, I FINISHED ALL MY STATS TESTS.”

      You rock it. You are my hero right now. NOW GO WHIP THOSE MATRICES INTO ORDER!


    1. That’s right, “Have a Nice Day!” Because you can’t be bothered to give even the smallest of damns about the day that OTHERS think you should be having. Likewise, you do not even have the TIME to waste on people who want to make your life miserable or ruin your personal or work life with their pettiness and drama.

      You are a BAMF today and you know that you deserve to take care of yourself, and no one can tell you that your wellbeing and happiness don’t matter.

      Now go be a BAMF and have YOURSELF the nice fucking day that YOU want! :)

    1. You are a such a BAMF today that you don’t even need to peek out from the wall. You get to just be awesome and yourself, and who cares if people watch you do it or they come over to have a conversation. You don’t give a damn! You’re there because you CHOSE to be there, because BAMFs aren’t forced. They make choices and make them boldly.

      Now go be the best BAMF you can be!


  4. BAMF-ing might be rough this week. Apparently this is the week where technology HATES ME. Or, at least all my database/R/stats software does…

    I will be a BAMF this week by finishing my last two papers for the semester, doing some sexy-awesome stats work for my conference at the end of the month,  and lay some truth on a few people in my life who need it (and/or deserve it).

    Actually, this LTP is perfect. Not going to get bogged down by a shitty last week and a poor start to this week.

    1. *cues “Eye of the Tiger” music*

      Aw yeah, you don’t give a DAMN about watching TV or reading for fun this week. You’re all about getting your shit done and doing it well, not because it’s easy, but because you’re a BAMF and you’re a pro at taking care of bidness.

      That’s right, poor yourself a cup of coffee or make a cup of tea, and GET CRACKING. You will overcome the blasted technology; just one more way to show yourself what an honest-to-the-core BAMF you are.


  5. My boss wants to me to recommend a legal decision to the Board that is WRONG.  I will do no such thing.  And if he argues, I will proudly recite all the legal and policy decisions that I found for my position.  And then I will hand him my memo and leave the job.  Because it’s an internship.  And the semester is over.  So….that’s how these things work.

    1. The world must know how awesome you are! You tell those girls about your art and your awesome and your “I AM CONQUERING FEAR BY BEING HERE” attitude.

      BAMFS get it done, period, because they need and want it to be done. So get it done, SaraB. GET. THAT. SHIT. DONE.


  6. I’m going to BAMF it up by taking my workouts up the next notch and pushing myself a little farther this week… I feel like I’ve been stagnating. But seeing The Avengers last night and deciding that, come Halloween, I want to be Black Widow to my  husband’s (He’s going to get those arms) Hawkeye, I’m in total Look-Good-In-Skintight-Pleather mode. I started off yesterday by working weights back into my exercise routine. Tonight is power yoga and tomorrow, I’m going to break the 12-minute mile marker.

    Which reminds me… anyone on Fitocracy? Be my friend: ThatGirlCrystal

    1. Girl, this is totally awesome! Scar-Jo is a curvy girl – not the body type you think of when you think of latex superhero suits – and she looked so badass in that jumpsuit. Bring it on.

      My running coach in high school told us that runs should always get broken up into thirds. In the first third, you find your pace. In the second third, you go fast. In the last third, you just hang on till the end. Good luck with those 12-minute miles!

      1. Exactly! I’ve got boobs and thunder thighs, so I know that trying to be a stick figure is a completely unrealistic goal. ScarJo, though… she worked that costume while still looking like she enjoys a good meal.

        I like that tip about running in thirds… I’ll keep that in mind tonight.

    2. Yessss I loved Black Widow’s BAMFness in the Avengers and I have decided ‘Rachel Berry who?’ and that Natasha Romanoff is my new spirit animal. I’ve already got the hairdo, I just need to get back to being busy as a kickass historian/chef/spy/vampire slayer rather than surfing tumblr all day. I was bummed this weekend because the guy I’ve been seeing, who was my first sex in FOUR YEARS, hadn’t texted me back in days and I totally took the hint.  But you know what, I’m more sad that I can’t easily get laid anymore than I am about not spending time with him anymore.  I would much rather be a BAMF single lady!

    1. 3 finals in 32 hours: you got this. BAMFs acknowledge their exhaustion and push past it to get to the things they want. Want to graduate with flying ass colors? You’re gonna rock this finals to the best of your ability, because you are a BAMF who gets her tea and/or coffee and studies her ass of, even if she is SO TOTALLY OUT OF THIS PLACE after the tests are over.


  7. I really needed this today! I WILL be a BAMF on my stats final today, even if it has me in tears right now. Furthermore, I shall continue my BAMFness later this week when I steamroll my assessment oral(!) final and take down another paper. Finals, this BAMF is coming for you!

    1. Don’t let that Finals exam convince you that you’re less than awesome and can’t clean the room with it! It’s just a particle of dust beneath your awesome feet.

      STOMP IT.

      And then, when you have shown that final who is boss, leave the exam room with your head held high, like it was NO BIG DEAL to destroy it.


    1. Seven miles!

      Show that rain/cold/mud/humidity who’s boss. Adversity can’t stop you! Poor weather is just a fly on your running shoes, and you’ll leave it behind at the one mile mark.

      Inspiring me to get to the gym today, even though I feel a little sore. We are the masters of our bodies and motivation.

      GO BE A BAMF!

  8. Oh man. I need to get my shit together. Last week was chaos and I was The Worst.

    I’m going to try to BAMF it out by being a Responsible Adult.

    I’ve already removed one major distraction (I cut down the number of people I follow on Tumbr – great people but it’s affecting my work and focus). I hope to cut it down some more.

    I’ve fixed my work email and calendar to be more apparent and CLEARLY remind me of meetings that ARE going to happen.

    And I’m just going to try to get my shit together and not overload myself with projects and nonsense deadlines. Re-prioritizing.

    Also, I plan to join the rest of the world and get an iphone this week…

    1. YEAH! Use a calendar and keep track of all your important shit! Say no to people who want you to do things that would overextend you (and possibly lead to the procrastination thing, if you’re like me and give up in the face of too much sometimes)!

      BE A BAMF!

      Responsible adulthood FTW!

      1. Oh yeah, I am all about GETTING SHIT DONE now. I don’t like the thing I have to do? I’m gonna do it NOW then it’s gone and off my desk!

        I’m bamfing my to-do list basically.

        (and your reply totally jazzed me up, was feeling a little lower than par this morning)

      1. You know, it actually was really hard. But a lot of people are now my friends on FB and I see a lot of people over here so that helped.

        I don’t keep track of my follower count (though it’s not hard, it’s a small number) but I know that other people do so that was something I was caution of. A classic It’s Not You, It’s Me deal…

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