Lunchtime Poll: Rise of the Four Eyes

My daughter got her first pair of glasses this weekend. She’s only seven, but everyone else in the family needs them so I wanted to be safe and get her checked. The official verdict is that she is slightly farsighted. She doesn’t need glasses, but they couldn’t hurt. 

We discussed it and she said that she was OK without them, and then she saw all the pretty pink frames in the kids’ section. All of the sudden, the tune changed to, “Mommy, I really think I need glasses.” Her brother was still in the doctor’s office getting his eyes checked, and the place was having a 2-for-1 deal on new glasses so I told her that if her brother needed new ones, she could get some too. Sure enough, Big Brother needed a pair, so MiniB got a brand new accessory.

So far, she is taking great care of them, because she thinks they are the prettiest, most exciting thing ever and she doesn’t want them to get scratched. I kind of understand her point. I was terribly excited when I got my first pair at twelve years old. I never saw them as a PITA, they were a new outlet for my love of accessorizing. I have never understood the people who save their pennies or count the days till they can get contacts or Lasik. This may be because my eyes have never been terribly bad. In most situations glasses are optional, so I am not tied to them like other people with worse vision.

So what about you? Do you wear glasses? Do you love them or hate them with a fiery passion? If you don’t wear them, did you ever wish you could?

four pairs of glasses

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32 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Rise of the Four Eyes”

  1. Glasses FTW! I got them in 2nd grade and haven’t looked back! I’ve had short stints with contacts but I generally am glasses-only. To the point that good friends and family say I don’t look like myself when I don’t wear them. Oh, one thing though: I end up taking them off when I’m drunk. It’s like I think it’s too much “work” to see clearly and taking them off feels like relief. I am not normal.

  2. My eyes will give out on me soon with all the computer time and reading I do! I love my really good vision right now but I’d love to get some cool glasses.

    My sister has one incredibly lazy eye but we didn’t find out until she was 6 and we were mucking around with the eye chart at the doctors office. Her other eye compensated so much that she was doing fine at school and they never noticed. They tried to patch her up to get it sorted, but she didn’t really take to that.  She was also a bit old at that stage. She also didn’t take to glasses either. She had an optometrist appointment a while back and he said “well the case is munted but the glasses are perfect!” I don’t think she has to wear them for driving so she just doesn’t now.

  3. I love my glasses.  We were meant to be together.

    I didn’t get mine until college when I was having trouble seeing what was going on in the big lecture halls.  I didn’t wear them all of the time until I started my current job a few years ago.  Now we’re in love.

  4. I got glasses when I was 15 because I noticed my eyes were juuuust off enough that I wanted them for learning how to drive. Now I’m 28, and I can see well enough that I don’t always have them on around the house, but I definitely need them if I need to see things at a distance, like watching TV. Out in the world, I prefer wearing them. I definitely can’t drive at night without them.

    I never wanted contacts because it just seemed like something I’d screw up – drop them, manage to have them travel around my eyeball, not be good about taking them out at night, etc. And now sometimes my hands can be too twitchy, so it’d probably be worse.

    My daughter just got glasses shortly before she turned 8. She didn’t even realize anything was up because she sat near the board in school, but they did the eye test for all the kids and it was at the lucky time of tax return season, so we were able to take care of it right away. Now wearing them, she’s like, “ohhhh, I DID need them!” We’ll see how her brother fares.

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