Lunchtime Poll: Rise of the Four Eyes

My daughter got her first pair of glasses this weekend. She’s only seven, but everyone else in the family needs them so I wanted to be safe and get her checked. The official verdict is that she is slightly farsighted. She doesn’t need glasses, but they couldn’t hurt. 

We discussed it and she said that she was OK without them, and then she saw all the pretty pink frames in the kids’ section. All of the sudden, the tune changed to, “Mommy, I really think I need glasses.” Her brother was still in the doctor’s office getting his eyes checked, and the place was having a 2-for-1 deal on new glasses so I told her that if her brother needed new ones, she could get some too. Sure enough, Big Brother needed a pair, so MiniB got a brand new accessory.

So far, she is taking great care of them, because she thinks they are the prettiest, most exciting thing ever and she doesn’t want them to get scratched. I kind of understand her point. I was terribly excited when I got my first pair at twelve years old. I never saw them as a PITA, they were a new outlet for my love of accessorizing. I have never understood the people who save their pennies or count the days till they can get contacts or Lasik. This may be because my eyes have never been terribly bad. In most situations glasses are optional, so I am not tied to them like other people with worse vision.

So what about you? Do you wear glasses? Do you love them or hate them with a fiery passion? If you don’t wear them, did you ever wish you could?

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  1. I really wanted glasses when I was in 5th grade–so much that I LIED on an eye exam! I made just little lies about it being blurry so that I could get a pair. But as it turns out, we were too poor to buy anything cute and I had only three choices from the medicare-subsidized bin. They were huge and ugly. I picked out some with a teal metal frame and tried to spice them up by putting sticker earrings on the glass at home, but it didn’t work and nothing could solve their ugly problem. So I never wore them and I still have perfect 20/20 vision!

  2. I got Lasik last year. The thought pattern was “should get new glasses, these are beginning to look dated -> urgh, nice glasses will be $$$ again -> oh look, a Lasik offer, respectable clinic, seems like the prices have dropped during the recession -> Imma sign up for that free checkup. Turned out I was a good candidate, read all the information, signed up for the first available time slot, no regrets. Even if I’ve still got a bit left to pay off.

    I still love glasses, but on other people now. And I’m quite happy to be able to wear sunglasses myself. I was a -7, so glasses weren’t an optional accessory, I was stuck with them (contacts never worked for me) and I couldn’t really afford keeping several cool options to choose from. So, whether doing housework, exercising or trying to look nice when going out, the same old glasses at all times. Not much fun at all.

    The procedure itself didn’t feel as horrible as the technical descriptions make it sound. Eyes felt “scratched” and were horribly watery for about 3 hours after the operation, and then I was pretty much fine again. Eye dryness has been an issue, but I finally found eye drops that work for me. The freakiest thing about Lasik was that everything in the world turned out to actually look up to 20% bigger than previously. Imagine your own hands and feet, your face in the mirror, CDs, slices of toast, strangers on the bus, everything sized up by 20%. All my cute little shoes looked like fucking boats for a while there, so traumatizing. It did go away in a couple of months though.


  3. I wanted glasses (or braces) in pre-school, because I was pretty much the only one without them and just_wanted_to_fit_in. Through the years, glasses-wearing friends have told me that I really shouldn’t want it, but still ..glasses are great accessories.

  4. I’ve needed glasses since I was five. It took me a long time to overcome my squickiness at the idea of putting plastic THINGS in my eyes, but when I got contacts at sixteen, I loved them and I’ve barely worn my glasses since. I see better with contacts, too.

    I haven’t bought a new pair of glasses since my freshman year of college, and I’m thinking of getting a new pair this year. Since I seldom wear them, I’m thinking of getting a really funky pair.

  5. My glasses are a part of my face. About the only time I don’t wear them is when I need to look at things that are really close to me. I actually like the way I look with them on better than with them off. I am also super weirded out by the idea of putting in contacts.

  6. I need glasses occasionally.  My first pair were HIDEOUS and HUGE.  Now I have an adorable thin silver square frames, so cute.  That I can wear them as an accessory.  My daughter almost lost sight in her right eye at 2 months old, so I figure she may need them some day. So if that day comes I hope to find her an adorable pink (or what ever color, I would totally go with lime green) pair that make her sparkle all the brighter.

  7. I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade. I had a brief stint with contacts in college, but then I ran out and couldn’t get my prescription from the doctor (well, I didn’t want to go ask her) because of an insurance disagreement. Now, the office is closed. I just got new glasses!! They are pink metal frames and have light pink squiggles on the parts that go back to the ears. I’ve thought about lasik but it’s too expensive now. I like contacts, but I also hear so many ways you can hurt your eyes with them, and how infections are more common with them.  I think I would like contacts again eventually.

  8. I’ve had glasses since I was 5.  I’ve thought of getting contacts or Lasik, but I’ve gotten so used to how I look with glasses, I think I look weird without them.   And, honestly, they’re one of my favorite accessories.

  9. I’ve had glasses since I was 6. I hated them at first because I got teased a lot, but now I feel weird without them. I tried contacts for a while but I was so used to having something in front of my eyes that it was disconcerting (and I was really lazy about taking care of them). I used to want Lasik, but my eyes keep getting worse and the last thing I want is to have to go back to wearing glasses again a few years later. Plus, I just look better with them!

    Also, prescription masks for snorkeling are the best invention ever.

  10. I’ve had contacts/glasses since 3rd grade.  I just got lasik done last year and it’s AWESOME!!!  I wore mostly contacts because I was an athlete and glasses didn’t work with working out 4+hrs a day. I kept having difficulties with the contacts — pink eye, scratches, etc… so I made the leap of getting lasik, and I wouldn’t ever go back.  The surgery itself was pretty scary, but the recovery time was really quick and totally worth it :)

  11. I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 or so. I remember the first day I got them, I couldn’t stop shifting them up and down to contrast my blurry eyesight with the crispness of my vision through the lenses! I love glasses. I think they are incredibly sexy, and I infinitely prefer them to contacts, because the very idea of putting shit on my eyeballs makes me cringe.

    It’s doubtful I’d ever do something like Lasik. My eyes are strange. When I have a good prescription, I can see incredibly small details. I can read over people’s shoulder when I’m sitting three feet behind them AT LEAST. I didn’t realize that most people couldn’t do that until a couple years ago when the BF and I were talking about it. It’s very cool to me, and a little quirky. Why would I want to risk losing that?

    I do need some new glasses, though. My current frame’s style is a little outdated now (5 years old? HOW UNFASHIONABLE…?), and the prescription is just blurry enough that it’s getting hard to make out as many details. But we’re poor, and the BF needs new glasses more than me, so…that would have to happen first!

  12. I’ve had glasses since the latter years of primary school, so maybe age nine? I don’t remember loving or hating them, and I’m pretty sure that’s because I’d grown up seeing my brother with glasses. I do need mine, too. They’re for reading, using the computer, watching TV – basically anything that might involve words or screens. I can manage without them, but if I have to read text or watch something without them for more than about five or ten minutes, my head begins to creak. Any longer, and I usually have to give up. But I’m quite fond of my glasses now, in that it’s been a very long time since I was without them. Plus, I can now get them £25! Huzzah! And with contacts? I can see the appeal, but it goes against my laziness.

  13. I got glasses when I was 12, and it wasn’t long before I was wearing them full time. Mostly I didn’t mind, but I had to stop skiing. The glasses didn’t exactly fit under ski goggles, which led to fogged up vision for most of the day. In high school my parents let me get contacts, and I never looked back. They’re just so much more convenient. I don’t have to worry about washing them every 4 hours so I can still see. I don’t worry so much about scratches. I can see in the rain. I can strain pasta and move from cold to warm areas without having to deal with fog for a few minutes. I have a pair of glasses “just in case”, but I literally haven’t worn them in almost a decade.

    I’m not sure I’ll ever get LASIK. I have those contacts that you can leave in for a month, and they work great for me.

  14. No glasses for me- my eye doctor once told me he thinks I must be the mailman’s kid, because there’s no way my parents with their various eye problems could have produced little 20/20 me. I’ve been envious of people with glasses at various times in my life- especially high school when I thought they were the sexiest thing in the world on boys and wondered if the effect would translate to me.

  15. I got glasses in 6th grade. And proceeded to completely Hate them. I hated them and the way I looked when I wore them. I was absolutely certain they made me ugly. And then it morphed into just me thinking that I was, in general, ugly.

    For my 14th birthday, my parents gave me contacts and I cried. I just cried.

    It wasn’t so much that they didn’t want me to have contacts – I had to wait for a brand to come out that could work with my astigmatism.

    I know that there are frames out there that are great now – the styles have really advanced in the last 20 years but personally, I hate the fuckers. Other people can wear them and look sharp, perfect. For my face – it’s not pretty. I can do without.

    I won’t do Lasik because lasers in the eye (while you’re awake!) freak me the fuck out. Not gonna happen. There’s no way. Science needs to invent something else.

  16. Wear glasses; pretty bad vision. I usually like them, but I’d have no issues with getting Lasik and then wearing stylish glasses for fun rather than for vision. I wanted them for a while before I needed them (I thought they were cool), so there never was a ‘learning acceptance’ phase, just a gladness that my vision is wonky. But being able to see in the shower and when I wake up, and not having spot-o-vision when it rains? Yes, please!

    I now have gotten to the point where I have a few different wearable pairs (one purple, one red) as well as Rx sunglasses and a not-horrible backup pair. I do have contacts, but I haven’t worn them in a while. I actually like the contacts this time of year, because they seem to act as histamine blockers and make my eye allergy symptoms less annoying. Hmm, maybe a plan for this weekend!

  17. I got reading glass 3 years ago (after a year of horrible headaches) and I’m still in denial. I don’t think of myself as someone who wears glasses. My parents didn’t need reading glasses until their 40s, and I got them at 22. I think it may have something to do with all the reading-in-the-dark I did as a kid. I read every night before bed, but at some point my parents would come in and tell me to go to bed, and so I would just turn the lights off and read in the dark.

  18. I’ve worn glasses since I was 11 with a three year hiatus in high school when I switched to contacts for a bit, but I prefer the ease of my glasses over contacts, and I like how they look on my face. So while I’ve thought about Lasik and going back to contacts, I think I’ll stick with my glasses; they’re more cost effective and adorable. Plus I get my old prescription tinted so I have sunglasses again. It’s the perfect balance. :)

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