Lunchtime Poll: Summer Foods

Here in the U.S., the warm weather is upon us. Well, at least theoretically. And the beginning of summer always gets me thinking about food.

Summer foods, to me, always bring to mind fresh, juicy fruit, easy-to-eat pasta salads, and frozen treats. As a matter of fact, the food I most associate with summer is the Jell-O Pudding Pop. These frozen pops of deliciousness came in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl, were a little bigger and flatter than your standard Popsicle, and had this mysteriously wonderful micro-thin layer of ice that encrusted the whole thing. I found out they’ve since been relaunched as part of the Popsicle family, but they’re just not the same. The new shape is all wrong, for one.

What food is quintessentially “summer” for you?

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27 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Summer Foods”

  1. Fresh fruits and veggies. Summer fruits and veggies are THE BEST, because they really ARE fresh — not fresh because of sciencemagic, but fresh because that farm down the road is harvesting them RIGHT NOW and ye gods.

    Ice cream, from an outdoor-only place, after it’s dark (and has cooled off a teensy bit). Next best thing is ice cream straight out of the container in someone’s backyard, again after dark. Bonus points if stargazing is an option.

    And, well, anything that’s lighter but still filling. Like the Greek food I got for lunch/dinner today, for free, because what I call “covering my ass at a temp job so I can get another good job once this assignment’s up”, the people at the temp job call going above and beyond. ALL I did was not delete work-related e-mails, and manage to find those e-mails and the physical log for packages that someone needed to track down. Hopefully this will score me a few brownie points in addition to OMG GREEK FOOD.

  2. Iiiiiice creaaaaam! You can eat ice cream any time, but there’s something about chocolate vanilla twist soft serve with rainbow sprinkles that screams summer.

    I’m not even going to pretend like this picture wasn’t saved on my cell phone. Frankly, it’s one of the few good things about summer.

    1. Round my neck of the woods all the soft serve places close for the winter (except for the fast food joints that also serve ice cream), so soft serve is definitely a summer treat. There is one place in my hometown that does a orange sherbet and vanilla twist cone that is soooo good.

  3. Cherries. I never really had them growing up, and I really didn’t know what I was missing. When I moved in with my boyfriend two years ago, I discovered that he always has a bowl of cherries on the table when they’re in season. All summer long they’re available for a quick snack as I’m passing through the room. The bowl is, miraculously, never empty.

    And not really a food, but margaritas. Whenever we got a really hot afternoon, my mom would make a pitcher of margaritas and enjoy a few out on the porch. When I was about 16 she started letting me have a glass with her, provided I wasn’t going anywhere for the rest of the day. They’re still one of my favorite components of a hot, Sunday afternoon in the summer.

    1. Just a few years ago, a former coworker brought to work real cherries–plump, glossy, beautiful dark-red cherries, and I hesitatingly tried one. My mid-thirties mouth was amazed! This was not the stuff of disgustingly sweet sundae toppers or cough-syrup flavoring! I can’t believe I’d lived that long without having the delightful and surprisingly delicate flavor of a real cherry!

    2. I discovered last year that I have a cherry tree in my backyard.  It’s a long story as to why I never knew it was actually a cherry tree, but suffice it to say I loved not having to beg friends and neighbors for their surplus cherries.  The blossoms just fell and I can see the itty bitty cherries forming and I drool all over by backyard.

  4. Oh man, berries, berries, berries galore. Frozen in a nice summery boozy drink; in a compote on top of ANYTHING (but mostly breakfast foods); or just ‘plain,’ straight-up berry party for breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack, appetizer, dinner, dessert, or “munchies.” They work for every meal.

  5. The only food I consume strictly in the summer is Lemonade. Homemade, fresh-squeezed lemonade. It’s heaven.

    Everything else I try to make once and a while in the winter to help break up the gloom.

    (you should really try the fruit popsicles in strawberry – the kind that’s basically a mash of strawberries frozen to a stick, so fucking good)

  6. Grilled burgers, grilled hot dogs… all the grilled meats. Corn on the cob. BBQ. Lemonade. Baked beans. Potato chips. Italian Ice. And just about anything with the word ‘salad’ in it: potato salad, pasta salad, cucumber salad,etc.

    And everything must be consumed with minimal footwear, preferably outside and barefoot!

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