News Appetizers: HIV drug close to approval, Florida is a hypocrite

Monday, Monday, Monday! It’s Monday. And there’s a ton of news out there, so I’ve grabbed the most important bits and brought it to your table. Enjoy!

Ahmadinejad. Photo via CNN.

Oh look, Ahmadinejad said Israel is nothing more than a “mosquito.” (CNN)

The FDA is on a path to approve a drug that prevents HIV transmission in healthy people. They are approving it for the use of people at high risk of transmission, like those with HIV-positive partners. Hooray! But some people oppose it, saying that it will give people a false sense of security (it reduces the rate of transmission by 44-73%), or that drug-resistant HIV will emerge. Boo. (BBC)

Another day, another lawsuit that I’m a part of against Apple. (CNN)

2/3 of worldwide deaths of children who die before their 5th birthday are due to preventable infectious diseases. Double boo. (BBC)

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has been fired after only 4 months, because he apparently padded his resume. Ooh, that’s bold for somebody trying to be a CEO of Yahoo.

Austerity talks in Europe (this time about Greece, but it’s happening more and more) are getting ugly. This is all very frightening. (CNN)

49 decapitated bodies were found outside of Monterrey, Mexico. Probably drug war stuff. Ugh. (BBC)

There was a plane crash on the way to a Teen Mania (youth ministry) conference – four people (of the five onboard) died. (CNN)

So a woman in Florida, Marissa Alexander, fired warning shots to scare off her abusive husband, and she was sentenced to 20 years. In Florida. Where supposedly, if you stand your ground, you have immunity. She didn’t hit him, by the way. (CNN)

Bus crash in New Zealand. Image via CNN.

Three Boston University students died in a bus crash in New Zealand as they were sightseeing. Ugh. (CNN)

An interesting piece on same-sex marriage data, including this tidbit: there are 1100 federal benefits to marriage. 1100 benefits that straight people can get that gay people can’t. Although, you know what? That’s bullshit, too. Why should married people get federal benefits when single people don’t? I’m cranky. (CNN)

Ooh, maybe Facebook is going to get you to pay money to promote your posts. They didn’t ask me, but if they had, I can tell them: I won’t pay. But I also heard something on the radio about how Facebook’s advertising model is going to fall apart because the ads don’t show up on the mobile app, and more and more people are using the app to get on Facebook. Which kind of blew my mind. How will they make money? (BBC)

This op-ed on CNN is titled “Romney’s lame response on bullying allegations,” which is, well, it’s gross. (CNN)

That’s it for today, doves. Happy Day-After-Mother’s-Day, keep fighting the good fight.

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14 thoughts on “News Appetizers: HIV drug close to approval, Florida is a hypocrite”

  1. Didn’t Scott Thompson realize that it’s pretty easy to verify people’s resumes via a simple… web search? But it really sucks that he was dumb enough to make up something as trivial as a college degree when he’s accomplished so much over the years, and that it can undo everything. Schmuck.

  2. So many interesting tidbits in here, I  don’t even know what to say.

    Except that my money’s on FB figuring out a way for the ads to go mobile, or start charging a monthly subscription fee for the mobile app through mobile carriers or something like that. I’d pay a few dollars (no more than $5, I think) a month to have FB on my phone- it’s that damn convenient.


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