News Haikus Want a Mini-Mammoth

One piece of good news
Can make all the worst not bad
Read on for some hope

Shall I Compare Thee To a Person with a Moral Compass?

Love won yesterday
Gay marriage is okay now
Though still not legal
(NY Times)

Immigration Enforcement in Arizona Remains A Clusterfuck

Sheriff Arpaio
Probably a racist guy
Justice suing him
(NY Times)

Forget the Pony, I Want a Mammoth

Mini-mammoth found
Size of a cat – I want one!
Too bad it’s extinct
(NY Times )

Can I Get Some Antibiotics for That?

Contagious cancer?
Infections cause 1 in 6
Could we prevent them?
(LA Times)

Turns Out Mittens Was Mean in High School. Big Surprise?

Romney a bully
Schoolmates say he was vicious
Wonder if he’s changed?
(Washington Post)

I Only Post This Story Because It’s So Common and People Forget That

Eighteen found in Mexico
Drug war is awful
(Al Jazeera)

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