Positivity Challenge Week 17: Appreciate the Little Things

I came out with my love for The Happiness Project last week, which was perfect timing since this week’s topic was inspired by one of the days on my Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar.

“Think, let us say, of the times of Vespasian, and what do you see? Men and women busy marrying, bringing up children, sickening, dying, fighting, feasting, chaffering, farming, flattering, bragging, envying, scheming, calling down curses, grumbling at fate, loving, hoarding, coveting throngs and dignities. Of all that life, not a trace survives today.” – Marcus Aurelius

A grouping of images from justlitlethings.net with happy thoughts
A selection of some of my favorites from http://justlittlethings.net/

Some people may interpret this differently (in fact, they might interpret exactly the opposite, which I’ll cover next week), but what this quote says to me is that, in all the hustle and bustle of every day life, we need to appreciate the little things. The little things that float away so quickly and easily and leave no trace other than memories.

It’s really easy to get bogged down with annoyances: this car cut in front of you, that person got the last cheese danish, your puppy won’t walk well, your roommate left dishes in the sink. We tend to hold on to these things that get us down and carry them with us throughout the day. What if, instead of carrying around the things that bring us down, we focused on the little things and carried those around instead? Waking up a minute before your alarm clock, finding one of your favorite movies on TV, seeing a flock of baby ducks on your morning walk, getting a random call from a friend. Carry these little positive things around as long as you carry the negative annoyances around and you’ll be surprised at what a change it can make in the way you see the world.

This Week’s Challenge

Focus on the Little Things. Be cognizant and mindful of the things that make you smile throughout the day and hold on to them. Share some of your favorite little things in the comments (if you need inspiration, I love the JustLittleThings tumblr).

This Week’s Mantra

While some of The Streets’ songs are problematic, I love the message behind these lines from “Everything is Borrowed:” “I came to this world with nothing and I leave with nothing but love. Everything else is just borrowed.”

Mantra May 08
If you want a reminder of your mantra for the next week, feel free to click the image above to download the full-size version suitable for desktop wallpapers, printing, or framing.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or mental health expert, and there are problems that positivity cannot overcome, so please do not take this advice in lieu of a doctor’s care.

Not all challenges will be relevant to everyone, so I welcome you to come and go as you please and take from each challenge what works for you! Please make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Positivity Challenge Week 17: Appreciate the Little Things”

  1. Oh, this is a good one and especially an easy one. Because the things are little so don’t feel bad when you forget/lose them after an hour, but do remember that those things being little, it makes them easier to find/pick them up again. Maybe that should have been more than one sentence.

  2. I could definitely learn from this week’s mantra. I get really bogged down in negativity sometimes, often when I’m discouraged about a goal deferred. I actually DID make a baby laugh this morning on the subway! So there’s that. Also I had a really good hair day.

  3. I love this philosophy. When I first started turning Angry Owl into an actual business, I decided my goal was to make little things that make people happy when they put them on. My motto is “Celebrating the little things in life,” because monumentally awesome things happen a few times in your life, if you are lucky, but there are opportunities for little bits of awesome every single day.

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