Weekend Open Thread and P-Mag Silent Auction

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for this week to be over. It hasn’t been a bad week, per se, it has just been jam packed with things that need to be done, and I am ready for a breather. 

How about you? Are you looking for a weekend full of adventure, or are you hoping to channel some Bruno Mars?

One more thing before we get to the comments. Earlier this week, I wrote a tutorial about making pretty pendants. This weekend and this weekend only, we will be auctioning off the tutorial pieces to you, our faithful readers. We’ll do a silent auction type thing, you e-mail your bids to me at pmagsilentauction@gmail.com, and I’ll post updates periodically to let you know where we are. Sunday evening I will post the winners and I’ll mail everything out on Monday. All proceeds will go towards our next server payment, in June.

The starting bid for each piece is $5.00, please be sure to let me know which one you are bidding on in your e-mail.

four resin pendants
They would look so very good on you :)

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120 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread and P-Mag Silent Auction”

  1. Forgive me these William Shatner style speech patterns, but it can’t be helped. So…much…..to do! Roll on the 25th!


    On the plus side, I wrote a kickass villanelle!


    AND. I think everyone should listen to Carloman at least one in their lives.

    EDIT: Just remembered about the “name your price” thing. If that’s not your thing, you can find some (maybe even all) of the tracks free here :)


    I spent Thursday tearing my hair out trying to book a reservation for a fancy high tea (which my mom loooves) but being unable to find anything suitable since we were celebrating on Saturday (today) as my sister is catching an early flight tomorrow morning. Finally I was running errands with my sister, pulled up to the place she needed to go and ACROSS THE STREET was a new teahouse. With a spot for this morning. Clouds parted, choir of angels started singing, we made a reservation. I also ordered a gorgeous bouquet of cut roses.

    So this morning I got up, picked up the flowers (had a hilarious experience trying to drive home with a vase buckled into the passenger seat), then we went to this tea and it was fabulous, tons of food and delicious looseleaf tea, everyone got their own pot. We were thrilled. Now I get a few hours of downtime before it’s time to head in the general direction of the airport. My mom is happy and she’s upstairs watching Sophia-Grace and Rosie videos, her favourite pastime.


    Mega shoutout to queSarahSarah who’s getting married right freakin’ now!

  3. This has been a long and full week. My little break ended by having a day long job interview on the way back so three days of driving instead of two, then a phone interview the day I got back before working again. Then I’ve got another job interview next week which required me to finagle plane and rental cars and hotels yesterday.

    But I did get to finally see The Avengers and I want to watch it again. Marvel knows how to make me happy and I sort of have today and tomorrow kind of off. I mean I work tomorrow evening but not today, so I plan on relaxing and possibly going grocery shopping.

            1. Lol. It swelled the first day…but I had to go to work right after I did it.  I came home early that night and ice it and loaded myself up with ibuprofen.

              My close friend walked on a broken foot for 3 weeks so I’m praying I don’t have her misfortune. But I think it’s fine. If it keeps bothering me I’m just going to have one of the techs at work X-ray my foot.  :D

  4. I got my paper done! Final-fucking-ly. I didn’t feel confident that I could do it without an extension until Thursday, because whatever unconscious processing I did throughout the week showed me where to go. So I sat down for five hours or so yesterday and worked through it. I only hit a couple of speed bumps on the way, but I got it done.

    Thank god(s) I didn’t have to get that extension.

    Now grades are due by Tuesday, so I have a lot of work to do over the weekend, but I feel SO much better that now at least my coursework is done.

  5. I threw myself into work this week to try and distract myself from the shittiness of last week (i.e. my grandpa dying, family drama, and getting dumped via text) and you know what, I kicked ass.  I got so much shit done, and did so while being utterly delightful to everyone in the office.  My bosses are so in love with me right now.  We have a mock trial Monday and Tuesday with jury consultants and I get to participate in that, so I’m really excited.  The plaintiff (who we don’t represent) lost a hand, so between that and the mock trial, there have been tons of Arrested Development references, which make any day better.  Then last night I had a date with a nice ginger boy.  It went well, even though I know I’m not ready for anything.  Anyways, a girl can have fun, right?

  6. I got home this morning at 4.45. That’s essentially, oh, six solid hours of dancing. I loooooove dancing. I dance like Elaine Benes on acid, or like a terrible Mick Jagger impersonator.

    Dancing .gifs!

    What did you guys do last night?

  7. The silent auction is an awesome idea! Could easily see myself taking part in future (this isn’t going to be a one-off, right?!) but for the moment, I’m still revelling in the loveliness that is my galaxy pendant!

    And yes. Very glad the week is over but jeepers. I would like to crawl back into bed. As it is, I’m still wrapped up in a blanket and looking at the weather which seems to almost resemble something like “nice”. Really should be out and partaking in activities like nipping to the library and post office. Hmn.

  8. Inspired by yesterday’s LTP, I’ve just spent a good chunk of time looking at puppy pictures of my dog, Odie.  This in turn caused me to wonder if the YouTube videos that made me fall in love with him were still up.  They still are!  Awwwwweeeee look at those wittle wrinkly feet.

  9. Well, I’m almost out of shampoo and conditioner. I really want to try something sulfate free. Does anyone have a good recommendation? I have a 20% off coupon for Ulta so I’m not opposed to trying something a little more pricey. Also, how long should it take to see a difference in my hair?

    Thanks in advance for the awesome suggestions!

    1. If you use hair product, I do recommend picking up some kind of cheapie shampoo with sulfates to wash hair once a week/once every other week/however often you need to wash it to make sure all the product comes out. Sulfate-free shampoos sometimes can’t break down the products.

    2. I don’t really have any recommendations other than to say sulfate-free shampoo is fantastic.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Loreal brand.  I typically use whatever I can find on sale at TJMaxx.  I’m using Bain de Terre shampoo and EO essentials conditioner.  Both are good, I like EO essentials better.  I would say expect to see a bit of a change in 1-2 weeks and a noticeable difference in 3 months.  In terms of price TJMaxx usually has some thing sulfate free for $5-10 for a 32oz bottle.

  10. So today I was surfing through the XM radio stations and the Broadway channel was playing Joseph’s Coat from Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I was in a production of Joseph back in the third grade when the children’s choir at church put it on. I still remember all the colors. ALL the colors… Third grade was 1995. I remember almost nothing else about that year. Clearly the color list filled my allocated memory for third grade.

  11. I’ve been having a pretty solid week thus far! Dad’s getting his PhD in all its shiny officiality on Monday. I won my first school debate on a side I didn’t even agree with. Family Slay relatives are down. Mother’s Day prep is going nicely, if I do say so myself.

    AND I drew this today:

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