It’s The First Open Thread of June!

Happy Friday, Persephoneers! I hope everyone had a great week! 

Pull up your situpons and tell Auntie Selena all about it. I’ll be here all weekend doing some spring cleaning on the servers while we prepare to move to a new server next weekend.

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  1. I cleaned most of the house (still have the kitchen floor and the 1/2 bath to go), did some laundry, made banana bread, unfucked a closet and looked at the weeds in the yard. (Decision: fuck those weeds.) Now I’m catching up on commenting and trying to figure out the best way to move our ginormous database next weekend without losing anything important.

    I have to get some scary (to me, scary is certainly relative) medical stuff checked out on Thursday, and I hate waiting. Waiting is the suck. So I’m trying to keep busy. My house is going to be so f’ing clean by the end of the week.

  2. Ahh I went for an incredibly short swim today as part of my self-imposed Fitness Challenge- I meant to do 10 laps, but after 5 I was almost dizzy from the effort so cut it short. However, I am super proud of myself because it only took 10 minutes! I squeezed into my too-tight one-piece from 30lbs ago, nvm the haterz, and got through it in 10min despite a certain amount of clutching the side at the end of each length and panting. And my back is sore b/c I didn’t pay any attention to holding my core in.


    I owe myself 5 more laps! I get to try and do 10 again next week!

  3. After being sunny and 70-90F days for over a week, it is now cold and rainy and maybe 55F. Of course I spent all morning outside at a parade/festival and am now thoroughly cold and damp. The SO is getting on my nerves. I have school work that I should be doing, but would rather curl up in my comforter with a large pot of tea and some movie. Maybe nap. Maybe eat a warm pie. But then I would feel guilty about not getting anything done and having eaten an entire pie by myself.


      1. No, no. East Coast is still on the bad weather bandwagon this weekend. Couple of flash floods, some tornado warnings, just the usual… oh wait…

        Luckily, Doctor Who (I JUST started Season 6!) and Thai food and wine are currently improving my evening considerably.

    1. Oh no!  I also require a lot of sleep…so I feel you. Are you opposed to using sleep aids?  If I haven’t slept well for multiple days in a row I usually will take a melatonin and it puts me back on track,  but everyone’s different.  Hope you get some good sleep soon!


        1. Man, New Chapter has this supp called Tranquil Night and I LUVS IT. (Disclaimer: I also get it for free because my bf works for the company, but I was not paid to post this comment ;).)

          I’m the samesies with my sleep and when I’ve had a few bad night’s in a row I generally do Tranquil NIght + Zyflamend PM (because I generally have muscle soreness when I’m not sleeping well)… Does the trick.

          So does taking the time each night to establish a routine… Like: water plants, lock doors, turn electronics off, wash face.. sort of thing.

          Here’s to sleeping well tonight<3

        2. I’m a lots of sleep person too. No one understands :) I recommend valerian root to help you get through those few awkward times. I get horrible nightmares from melatonin. But no problems with valerian, no grogginess, nothing. It is great. Except it smells like stinky feet. Really bad. But it works. Thinking lots of zzzzzs at ya!

  4. I love yard sales. This morning I headed to one right and got three books, a handmade bag, a scarf from Ethiopia, a weird little diorama type thing of Starry Night, a nearly-brand new soft cat carrier, and two quirky little suitcases. For less than $20.

    The suitcases:

    I kind of love them


    So I’ve been playing around with the idea of maybe submitting some articles to Pmag? But I’m horribly self doubting :( Encouragement? Please?


  5. I started off today planning to act like a freakin’ adult. I was gonna do all the things that have been piling up: go get a money order to pay my rent (since I seem to have run out of checks). Deposit various checks so I can afford to pay said rent. Clean the apartment, including ALL the dishes. Perhaps cook something awesome. Be stress-free so I can go see a movie with the bf and not be embarrassed by the squalor that I live in.

    It’s almost noon, I’ve been up for an hour and a half, and I haven’t even managed breakfast yet. Motivation, where art thou?


  6. My temp job ended yesterday :( I liked it a lot more than I expected, mostly because I liked where I was working. And they’re hiring for a full-time position (and I have a VERY good reputation around there, after six weeks). So I’m being as optimistic as possible, considering the job market and the competition around here.

    Fella and I are finishing off Invader Zim today, and we *might* (it’s a probably, unless we decide on a movie) start Buffy. He’s excited about Buffy, which is further proof of his awesomeness. Even if he’s not going to think so much about the philosophical and social and feminist parts as the “this is awesome” parts (I’m the humanities brain between us). And he’s even okay with watching the painfully cheesy first season in its entirety, even though most of the episodes don’t influence overall continuity beyond “the Hellmouth = Monster Island” and “start paying attention to students/authority figures, and notice how many you DON’T see again because of the Hellmouth” and things like that. He’s awesome, even if he thinks olives are gross (more for me).

  7. Oh Auntie Selena, I’ve always wanted a cool aunt like you.

    I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I moved this week. I unpacked my kitchen yesterday but I still have to figure out my living room/ office. I still don’t have a job, so I’m not excited about spending money. But I have to get a real bed, the air mattress is killing my back. And stuff for my living room, and for my kitchen, and, and, and….

    And now I’m going to be so tired for my date tonight. I really like this boy, but things got complicated for a little while and now I want to move forward again. I hope he does as well, but he didn’t call me all week. I had to email him. Does he like me? I want him to like me!

    So. Many. Feelings.

    I just want to go back to sleep but I can’t.  So I’ll just leave this doggy here to illustrate how I’m feeling.

  8. Hello everyone! I’m in Denmark!

    Quick recap: I’m here to study Danish design, I am making friends (that’s a big deal for me), I lost the v-card (!!!) to a Danish boy on the back stairs of an apartment building (ouch.), I forgot to take my socks off for it (heh, whoops), one night stand with someone you’ll never see again = best way to lose the card in my opinion, Danish guys are ridiculously attractive, I brought one home last night and it was amazing.

     I am never leaving this country. They can’t make me.

    David approves this message.

        1. West Wing gifs are my favourite kind. I’m still waiting for a ‘bring me the finest bagels and muffins in all the land’ one, though.

          From my (limited) experience, Danish people are very savvy that way. Good housemate choice:)

  9. (TW for diet and body image issues)

    [spoiler] I’m starting to get spider veins on my legs. They run in my family and with teaching and standing for long periods at a time, of course they were gonna show up. I’ve been researching ways to at least slow down the process which includes things like exercise, elevating feet, compression socks, etc. Another suggestion is to eat a low sodium, high fiber diet. I’ve been trying to eat pretty healthy lately and exercise because it makes me feel better physically and emotionally, so I figure I’m good. Then I go and check some food labels.

    For the love of everything good and holy, the sodium content in EVERYTHING is so high. The wheat bread I eat, the packaged pesto to marinate my chicken and veg in and just everything. So back I go to meal planning.


    Also, I’ve been slacking on my writing. This needs to change.

    1. My mother switched my family over to using Mrs. Dash instead of salt for a little while. It didn’t stick, but it was useful to have something as a go-to seasoning fix that was low- to no-sodium.

      That being said, sodium is EVERYWHERE in boxed and otherwise processed foods. I feel your pain, because one day I too will get the dreaded veins. Thanks genetics.

  10. So for years I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering a crazy gorgeous but also expensive swimsuit from the Esther Williams website. It just looked so nice and old-timey and the suits themselves are so pretty. Now could hardly be a worse time to drop about $100 when you factor in shipping to Canada on a bathing suit, given my recent slide into unemployment… but I just did it. I ordered a Classic Sheath in Emerald Green and I am gonna be so fetch.

    Wooo questionable purchases at 2 AM!

  11. Last I dreamed Sydney had a PMag store that sold everything! There were organic foods, teas, plus size clothing, kayaks, and books! And my favourite PMag commenters worked there but because was all use screen names, no one knew who anyone else was until we made an introduction of ourselves. It was a really cool dream.

      1. I love the idea of DT action figures. Like, not figures of characters he’s played, but figures of “that time pileofmonkeys ran into him in Philadelphia” or “what he looked like when QoB spilt Guinness on him in County Cork.”

  12. I keep being all like, “in a few days life will be back to normal and I can get back to things like finding new friends in my new city and commenting on PM; then maybe get back to actually WRITING some of the blogs…”

    Anyway, the cross country move ahs been heartbreaking. Everyone in NYC is hanging out without me tonight and it mega depresses me.

    Oh yea, and ON TOP of the chronic disease I have (which I’ve known about for about a year), I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.


    And my bf, with whom I made the cross country move with, is on a work retreat, so I’m home alone all weekend, trying to get our bunny rabbits to get along, and to handle the news of life in NYC moving on without me (I guess I SOMEHOW knew it would…) AND a-fucking-NOTHER disease.


    Sorry for being a Donnie Downer…. alone. sick. tired.


      1. TOTALLY. I actually didn’t mention that the reason why I freaked out and came over to PM to whine was because I left my debit card with my bf (he was going to make a deposit for me) and so I didn’t even have any money to go out. //double whine//

        Luckily I’m NOT dealing with it alone, but bf is on a work retreat. So I’m struck by lonely even though I’m NOT alone… odd stuff this moving…

    1. Ack, that’s some bad timing to find out the autoimmune disease news :-(

      You are in Chicago now, yes? I feel like it’s my duty as a fellow Chicagoan to suggest that deep-dish/Chicago-style pizza is a good treatment for sadness and loneliness.

      (Also, I’ll be back in the area in July, so perhaps we can meet up!)

        1. Lou Malnati’s has a sausage crust pizza that’s GF! I haven’t yet found a deep dish place that actually has a crust that uses GF flours, but I’ve only been looking in the suburbs. (My mom has celiac and I’m at risk for it, so I understand the frustration.)

          What GF beer did you find? Two Brother’s Prairie Path is GF and should be pretty well distributed in the city. I’m always on the lookout for more options for my family :-)

          1. OMG! I will totally look that place up. MUAAAA<3

            I’m out in the ‘burbs now, so I found some (really effin’ expensive, but delicious) Toleration Ale and a new one that I’ve totally forgotten… (It was at Binny’s and they had everything but Estrella Damm Daura, which is the bestest).

            Also: I’m totally cheating right now (I’m not a celiacs) and having a FEW LIGHTLY breaded morel mushrooms. It’s a family thing. I couldn’t resist… I guess I’ll have to drink more to get through the reaction ;)

          2. OMG.  I just left Chicago, but Lou’s sausage crust is SO good.  (BF is addicted to their deep dish, so I got to have the sausage pizza whenever he was in town.  Score!)  It is essentially a sausage patty with toppings.  And Binny’s IN the city (at least in Lakeview) had Estrella Damm Daura, because I drank it all the time.  Also, Magner’s pear cider.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  I didn’t know Prairie Path was GF, though.  Love Two Brothers, so I’ll have to check it out.  Also, if you just tell the Binny’s employees what’s up, they will find ALL the gf beers for you.  Which is helpful.  I miss Chicago…….

            1. Two Bros just announced that Prairie Path was GF this spring (see here), even though they’ve been making it for years. Apparently they use an enzyme in the production that has a side effect of denaturing gluten molecules- so it’s a barley beer, but they got it independently tested, and it’s GF! Widmer Brothers in Oregon is using the same enzyme to make their new line of GF barley beer:

  13. I can’t even deal with how cute my nephew is. I was laughing with his parents this evening as we listened to the new grandparents prattle at the 2 month old little guy from the other room. Later, at dinner, I spelled off with his dad to walk him in circles around the house as he was being fussy- I sat down in the living room and started talking to him in that way you talk to babies and apparently I was loud enough to overhear from the other room! But he’s SO CUTE. Ugh I can’t be having with all this infant cuteness.

    And I got to solidly beat my little bro at Crazy Eights. A good evening was had.

  14. It’s been a bit stressful at work, actually. No fault of anyone, but tensions are high, and so little things are becoming molehills. I’m metaphorically shaking people and saying “hey! what you did is fabulous! the little details are forgotten and forgiven because overall it went so well!”. But people are stressed and not hearing me. I think that tomorrow I shall put it all in writing and CC EVERYONE. Because jeesh.

    The overall lesson of the week: dammit, tell people when you appreciate them. Regularly. Even if you think they know it. Or are so confident they don’t need it.

  15. Oh, auntie Selena. When my professor said I would have to study nine hours a day for the bar exam, I thought, “Nine hours? It is to laugh.” And I did. Laugh. But how long did I study yesterday and today? Nine hours. Each day. I totally deserve to sit alone curled up in a blanket and watching tv (dr. Who!!) for the first time this week. Also, I’ve been looking at lots of cute animal pictures. I would like more of them if anybody wants to offer? (Admittedly, bf has been sending them daily as pick-me-ups. I’ll attach one for fun.

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