News Haikus: Woo-hoo!

With heart and with carefully counted syllables, I offer you all the news that’s fit to haiku.

He’s Still a Jerk

Edwards acquitted
On one count; five are mistrial
He must be relieved

Next Stop, SCOTUS

Appeals court rules that
DOMA discriminates. This
changes nothing. Yet.

What’s Next? Bacon?

NYC bans large
Bottles of pop. Or Coke. Or
soda. Nanny state?

The Funniest Bit About this Is That Putin Said Clinton Was Being Emotional

Clinton says Russia
Fomenting Syrian war.
Putin says no way.
(Al Jazeera)

The Picture For This Article is Adorbs! 

Paralyzed rats learn
to walk with electric blast
to their spines. So cool!

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