This OT is (Slowly) Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Ah, vacation. I’m pretty sure there’s an equation that shows the inverse ratio of vacation enjoyment to time required for reality re-adjustment. Wow, that was a really nerdy way to say that going back to work after a few days off is rough. 

I think tomorrow is an early day for me, so I plan on having a little solo-dance party while I catch up on laundry. This song seemed fitting to share with y’all.



I hope your weeks are going swimmingly so far. Please tell us about it in the comments!

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132 thoughts on “This OT is (Slowly) Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”

  1. Gah, I’ll never finish this Progress Report! I have a concept and data soup in my head that just won’t condense to one page. I managed the Project summary and the dissertation chapter outline, but the rest? No freaking idea on how to write about aims, methodology, current data, data that needs gathering, etc. in a few paragraphs.

    Come on, Sagan, motivate me!

  2. I feel like every day this week that I’ve posted on the OpenThread I’ve had something *rawr* or *blerg* to say. Obviously, this is something of a banner week for me.

    Hey- anyone want to come do two weeks of fisheries field work since my lab advisor JUST told me he had to pull half my crew from my project for another person’s project. Oh, and it starts next week. Some days I think I need an emergency stash of kittens at my lab to prevent meltdown while yelling at people on the phone.

  3. Irish blogger’s verdict on 50 Shades…: 

    Anastasia Steele is a fucking idiot and absolutely no craic whatsoever.

    At this stage I think all the parodies/reviews/fake twitter accounts/etc of that book almost make me glad it was published.

    (Still enjoying @ChristianGreyXX, by the way)

  4. Hi P-heads! It’s my first time on an OT, and I’m stoked that we have them everynight here. It’s actually morning here in Morocco, and I’m supposed to be packing for my vacation, I’m leaving after lunch. Here’s an adorable gif of Mark Gatiss sneak smooching Andrew Scoot.

  5. Hello, new and old friends. I’m about to turn in for the night, but if you’ve got any questions or need help working the doohickies and thingamabobs, leave me a reply and either one of the P-mag All-star Staff People or I will hop in and help as soon as we can. (The GMT crowd and the early bird EST peeps will be in shortly.)

    A little about us that you might not know !

    1. Our writers come from over fifteen different countries.

    2. We’re working on becoming an accessible space for readers with differing needs.

    3. We like healthy debate, but we’re not afraid to give a legitimate troll a Viking funeral.

    4. We don’t collectively hate Jezebel. Every time something dramatic happens over there, we get the best new members and writers. Jezebel is dead. Long live Jezebel.

    5. We’re not affiliated with anyone or anybody, including but not limited to J-bel hate tumblrs, J-bel spin-off blogs or J-bel commenter social groups. Some of the editors are current/former active Jezzies, some are/were lurkers (like me) some never heard of Jezebel before P-mag started.

    6. We share Slay Belle with Jezebel, because we both know she’s awesome.

    7. We’re totally not Jezebel. Our content is 100% original. We get maybe 10% of the traffic they do on a really good month for us and a really shitty month for them. We don’t have a media company, an office, paychecks, insider connections, lucrative advertising contracts or an evil elfish overlord.   Aside from the traffic, connections, lucrative contracts, paychecks and possibly an office, we have no desire to become Jezebel.

    8. Ladyblog on ladyblog crime isn’t classy, you won’t catch the editorial staff publicly smack-talking Other Ladyblog. Don’t let that stop you, beloved new commenters, but we’ve got ideals and shit we’re trying to uphold.

    9. Vent all you want, but please do jump in and get to know our people a little better. I think you’ll find that P-mag is full of surprises for our regular readers/contributors.

    10. We’ll seriously consider letting you write for us, if that’s something that interests you.

    Okay! Good night! I’ll see you in a few hours! Here’s a .gif.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks so much for the info post. I had heard of Persephone through Jezebel and am now a certified Jezebel Refugee, just looking for a cool place to discuss politics, feminism, books, and more with intelligent people. :) I love that your content is 100% original and look forward to exploring the site more.


    2. I’d just like to say that I LOVE the original content.  There are plenty of lady-interest news aggregators out there, and honestly the echo chamber gets repetitive! I came to Persephone a while ago (I think I linked from Miz Jenkin’s tumblr) and liked it, but didn’t add it to my Google Reader.  A lot has changed since I was here last – the site looks beautiful!  I’m really looking forward to participating more here (and watching any Viking funerals available) :)

      Thanks for keeping it classy – I think Jez meant a lot to many people, and everyone is reacting differently to what, kind of surprisingly (to me at least) may have turned out to be a big change in their lives or daily routine. It’s wonderful to have a safe space here where new experiences can be built.  Hopefully P-mag will see a big uptick in traffic, and will get some awesome PR from the new members!

  6. I’m starting to get quite apprehensive about returning to work. I’ve been out on medical leave for about six months now. Everyone keeps asking me when I’ll be back. My whole job and responsibilities will have changed. Half the people I worked with are gone.

    I’m getting healthier and stronger but there is still a LOT of improvement to be made. So I really hope the inverse proportion to how hard it is to go back to work is wrong! Of course it wasn’t “vacation”. Maybe that changes the equation? Some idiots at work seem to think I’ve just been sitting on my ass the last couple months since I finished treatment instead of, y’know, recuperating and healing from the chemo poisons.

    On the plus side? Declared cancer-free as of two days ago. Fuck yeah! On the oh-shit side? Still a ton of appointments, lingering side effects and, y’know, pain. But no cancer so I’ll take it.


  7. I had a good day today! With the exception of Jez becoming yet another haven for misogynistic internet trolls…everything else in real life was awesome. Now I’m drunk at 2am – w00t! In other news, I have reached dress-bliss! Which I never thought would happen to me, because I’m stocky and plain. But it happened! It doesn’t look like much in the pictures but – this dress (as one reviewer already said on the site) makes me feel like Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Like…I’ve never felt so sexy and feminine. I’m so happy about this purchase…totally worth 84 bucks. I can’t recommend this site enough for dresses. It’s spendy (in my opinion), but worth it. Everything is so well-made. Ok…gonna go watch more MST3K and drink jager! Happy to be at Persephone. :)

      1. Their dresses are a really nice quality. I feel like everything in stores is spandex and stretchy and it makes my figure look awful. But everything on their site is REAL fabric. Like…that dress I bought is tight, but it’s so structured and the fabric is the right kind of thick so I don’t need spanx or anything.

        I have ordered a couple times from them. I love a lot of their dresses, but I always think about what will look good on me. If you don’t know what type of dress flatters you, then it’ll probably be hit or miss. However, their exchanges are really hassle-free. All you have to do is print out an exchange form and give them a first and second choice for the exchange, or plain refund if you want. The reviews on the dresses are very accurate. If you see a dress with 3 stars (or less) then I’d skip it. But 4 and 5 is good.

        Oh, and they have this thing - . After you answer the questions it’ll pick out some dresses to flatter your figure.



  8. @larissafae … I have no idea if this will work, but someone linked to me directly in a post and I’m hoping this will work.

    Will you please post two of your awesome gifs.  With all the change I figure I should learn something else new and use gifs.  I really would love the one that it my all time favourite – the little girl with the tantrum face shaking the hairbrush and the one of the cat spooning the little kitten and kind of smothering it with love.


        1. Click ‘download’ where you see it underneath the comment; that’ll save the file to wherever your default folder is. Then to use them, click into a new comment, click the ‘Attach a file’ button, and then click ‘Insert into editor’ when it’s uploaded. And voila!


    1. I just opened that link in a new tab to let it play.  It was a commercial at first so I clicked over to see if I could see it and noticed what song it was.  Luckily, I just got away in time and avoided the plague of terrible-song-stuck-in-my-head and I hate myself for it.

  9. Hi Folks, It’s nice to see you all again and be back to reading P-mag! I was working like crazy finishing part of my candidacy exam stuff and then off at an academic conference/vacation in Alaska (which is the first vacation-able place I’ve had an academic conference by the way… musicology societies love small cities in the midwest). Anyways, it was lovely, but back to the real world. How are all of you?

      1. Thanks! I’ve missed you all too!! Alaska was really beautiful (and there was a lot of delicious Salmon to eat!) My partner and I flew to Whitehorse, Canada and then drove to Skagway, AK , took the ferry to Haines, AK, and then to Juneau, AK where I had my academic conference. And then we did the same thing in reverse to get home. There was some beautiful hiking and great (and cheap – $10/night camping) but one thing that surprised me was the volume of cruise ship traffic in some of the towns. Skagway gets 1 million visitors from cruise ships/season (may-oct) in a town of around 800. It’s interesting, because it appears to be both a problem and a benefit for these small communities. On one hand it provides employment and industry, on the other hand, the work is only seasonal, and a lot of the businesses are actually owned by Princess and Carnival cruise lines, so it’s not like local shop keepers are benefiting from the million people their town sees each summer.  Overall, a beautiful place though, if the opportunity arose (for both my partner and I), I would move there in a second.

    1. As someone who drove to multiple conferences in St. Louis from southern Ontario (note:  DO NOT DO THIS as you will be fed up with your labmates long before you get to the conference, and you still have to drive back with them after a few days), I’m pretty sure it’s not just musicologists who love to have conferences in the Midwest.

      Congratulations on finishing up the candidacy craziness! :D

      1. I was actually at a conference student group meeting (for the only other non-midwest conference I’ve ever gone to) where someone complained that the conference was not held in the midwest. I guess it keeps travel costs down for some Americans?

        Also- thanks! It’s not quite done (I have an oral defense in august/sept) but it’s a lot closer. Mainly, my academic career has pretty much gone as planned until the candidacy crazyness, and now things are slightly behind which has been frustrating. I am sort of ready to just be done with this and move on with my life/write the diss.

  10. Today I worked for 8 hours and then got a message from my editor telling me she’s changed her mind about what she wants. Since I’m not paid hourly it means I worked 8 hours for nothing. Le sigh. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, Persephone replaced Jezebel in the bookmarks today and as of yet, I have not looked back.

  11. This is my post from the Denton`s Refugees forum.

    I think it would help and be more of a fuck you to Denton if those of us from Jez made an effort to give the actual articles on PMag a click and make comments.  The page views are great for PMag and it will be easy to see how they have risen while Jez`s have gone down.

    I think it also helps strengthen and grow a sense of community here and helps build it instead of just coming to this thread.  People go on and on about what a great community Jez was, but I was a long time lurker and it took awhile there as well for the community to grow.

    I feel like this is reminiscent of a high school party where people randomly show up in in a dribble and no one stays because there is no one there.  However, if everyone just stayed it would be happening.

    1. Frigg, I know the phenomenon you’re talking about, and yeah, sometimes a whole lotta people all at once are looking for a place to freak out/regroup. It’s such an Internet thing … does anyone remember when Fametracker melted down? OMG, those were the days.

      But just speaking personally, I’m not here just to vent. I have wanted and needed an alternative to Jezebel for a long time. I should gone elsewhere a long time ago. Old habits die hard.

      PS I know I like you already because, Susie Derkins!!

      *hi everyone, way too much internet today, goin’ to bed*

      1. Susie Derkins, yes!  Every year PMag has a contest about the most kick ass female literary characters.  I am starting my campaign early to have Susie included.  I think she can go all the way.

        I joined PMag right as it was underway this year.  My beloved Paperbag Princess didn’t go far (a travesty!) so I’m gearing up to have Susie take it all next year.

    2. I’m giving your advice a try. Its gonna take a minute to get used to this, as I’m very stubborn and resistant to change but I’m trying! I loved the Jez community and I’m really happy that some Jezzies have switched over here. I didn’t realize what an impact that site had on my life til yesterday.

      1. Same. I spend so much time there, and for me it was kind of a sanity check after dealing with every day horrible life. I love the commenters (love!), but I have been frustrated by the writers for a little bit. They seem to try to bait us and then seem really bitter towards us as well. I kind of have just been ignoring the articles and reading the comments.

        1. For realz. What do they have to be bitter about? That we’re not fawning over everything they write? Its the internet. If you say something someone disagrees with they’re gonna tell you so. I don’t know what world these people live in where trolls would be better.

    3. Aw! This is a really nice comment. It warms my editor/writer/techie heart.

      The peeps who bring the content every day really are amazing, and many people put many hours of work into getting it out each day. I promise it’s worth your time to check out what we write. The team is around nearly around the clock to help navigate through some of our weirdness.

    4. @Frigg, that was really nice to read. I’m a Jez refugee from days of old (like, I stopped commenting two or three years ago). I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time there (we’re talking almost every waking hour). And when I left, I’m pretty sure I went through withdrawal. I went from being a P-Mag reader to a contributor to an editor, and I can tell you, I don’t miss the other ladyblog one bit, and my blood pressure is so much lower being here and interacting with people without the hostility and combativeness I was so used to.

  12. Found a job that I would love.  Crappy school website won’t let me download my transcripts.  Deadline for applying is in 34 minutes.  And this was after the state of Indiana gave me a panic attack by telling me my bar application was incomplete and I might not be able to sit for the exam.  (It was a scare tactic lie.  My application IS incomplete, but I can still sit.  They lost the paperwork.)  I’m also 3 days behind on studying and don’t feel like catching up.  I have decided to hate everything, give up on life, and get a couple cats so that my highly allergic friends and family will never visit me and try to a) make me feel better or b) tell me to snap out of it.

    Yes, I’m mopey today.  What of it?

  13. Getting to the gym is inconvenient today.

    CONS:  With the advent of Youtube there isn’t an excuse to not get some kind of workout in.

    PROS:  I can continue drinking Bailey’s and coffee while doing said workout.

    MORAL OF THE STORY:  Sigh.  I freaking hate Youtube.

    ETA: I forgot to ask if anyone has a good video site or Youtube videos they use for an at home workout.  I already know Spark People.  Thanks.

    1. Another P-Magger did an article on   I tried it.  It’s pretty cool, and they tell you what kinds of things you can use around your house for the exercises.  (They do have a “lite” section, if, like me, you have negligible upper body strength.)

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