Weekly Anime Review

This week, all four animes I’m follow delivered, be it in strategy with Jormungand, treachery and drama among the cast of Fate/Zero and Eureka Seven or just plain old “romantic” comedy with Accel World.

Jormungand ep 8

So this episode focuses a bit on Luzt, the blonde guy who can’t shoot kids. He’s an ex-cop, counter-terrorist department, so he lacks a lot of training in skirmish type situations, something Jonah is well-trained for and he’s a kid, too. That’s why he gets put in a live paintball match against Jonah. He didn’t do a good job with that training.

Also, I’m really starting to think that Koko is a lesbian and in a relationship with Valmet. Way too many hints this episodes.

We get to meet another arms dealer, too. A former stage actress who is apparently a real beauty and gets to sell weapons just by batting her eyelashes.

Bribing Koko? You should have given her amazing food, not just a diamond. Although, it seems like Chocolate loves diamonds too. Koko gets a new informer on the American front. Another pawn to move around when she encounters some problem to finish a deal.

So, the Russian ex-actress is beating Koko to the arms deal”¦ this means Koko starts to scheme and send a lot of emails (25 per hour). This is quite the “brainiac” episode; I’m not exactly sure if I understand exactly how Koko beats her new rival here. We get a lot of talking and scheming, but not a lot of explanation of how it works.

Fate/Zero ep 21

I wish I had Saber’s riding skills. That is a neat motorcycle transformation. Unfortunately, she follows the wrong Rider. Seems like Kirei is using Matou to do his bidding. He can also give unlimited command spells to participants (which includes himself). Talk about broken.

Saber neat motorcycle
Saber's neat motorcycle

Kiritsugu understands the deception early, but Saber only realizes it once she sees that Rider and Velvet don’t have Iri. We also get another speech from Rider, who says that Saber would fit really nicely in his army. Not sure if Arthuria Pendragon is really interested in following him around. Unfortunately for him, Saber totally destroys his chariot and takes off.

Matou Zouken is still creepy as ever, but he wins a few points for insulting Kirei like that. He loses all of them when he says that he loves seeing Kariya suffer. And, poor boy, is he going to suffer here and become crazier than Berserker. Kirei seems to really enjoy it, though.

Eureka Seven AO ep 8

Fleur and Ao bonding episode. We also learn quite a bit about Fleur and her dad. Fleur’s mother died five years ago, following a car accident. Her father was given the choice to save the kid or the mother by using the organs from the other. He chose to let his daughter live and she hates him every day for it. That’s why she’s an IFO pilot; she doesn’t care if she dies… until Ao tells her it’s stupid and she should live and get to beat her dad. Ao says it that way because that is his wish. He hates his father, too. Strangely, it’s the first time he’s mentioned in the show, but it must be a known fact, because Gazelle, of all people, knows about it.

We also learn more about how Generation Blue works. Seems like if the U.S. Secretary calls, they have to listen to what they have to say. This mean that if a Scub Coral or Secret shows up in a country that is an enemy of that country, Generation Blue is asked not to respond to their request. Of course, the president (who is Fleur’s dad) always finds a way to have it his way in the end. In this episode, he had a fake media news report broadcast so the population requested Generation Blue to act. Also, Piper Blue chief doesn’t leave the scene when asked by HQ. Looks like these two don’t care about politics…

Right now I’m expecting Generation Blue to be taken down by the U.S. and Rebecka to be a spy for the U.S. who will switch sides. Not sure what Truth will do, though, but he’s in the next episode doing “magic.”

Accel World ep 9

We’re not love-dovey! Oh yes, you are. You know, I really like Haru and Snow Black together.

So Haru has a soft spot for little girls who gets bullied (it makes him cry, actually). Snow Black isn’t exactly happy about it, though. She actually threatens him with Judgment Blow attack (Legion master execution attack). It’s a forced uninstall of the game. Ouch.

The Red King really loves her video game, too. She went through all of Haru’s games, beside his special collection. So we have Haru, Taku, the Red King and Snow Black all together in Haru’s apartment. They all show their name tags, besides you know who. Really, I wonder how her teachers grade her now. Her name tag is Princess Snow Black. Of course you can expect the Princess to have a few jealous fits… and to stay at Haru’s house without asking permission because Red is, too.

Red, Haru and Black
Poor Haru; he has to manage two alpha women at the same time

So the Red King needs Silver Crow’s wing to destroy the Chrome Disaster and his Armor of Catastrophe. That thing sounds so much like Dungeons and Dragons’ cursed berserker sword. See it turn a Burst Linker into a rampaging berserking monster. We get a replay of all the King taking down the fourth Chrome Disaster. We learn a bit more about the kings and what the CD did.

So the fifth CD is a member of the Red Legion and causing a lot of trouble to his King. He was level 6 before being “cursed,” but he’s not breaking the nonaggression pact and starts rampaging.

Also, something that was unapparent but is explained: because of how the program works, accelerating time in people’s mind, the players who spend a lot of time playing are a lot more mature than people are for their age. Example, Red acts more like a 15- or 16-year-old than the 13-year-old that she is. Same goes for Snow Black. Niko (the Red King’s preferred nickname) and Snow Black also seems to get along rather well in the end, too (or it might just be one of Haru’s fantasies).

Final remark: Oh my god! Taku’s virtual avatar is the Tin Man from Oz!

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