Lunchtime Poll: Hardly Working

On this lovely Friday, as many of us look forward to the weekend ahead, I thought I’d ask a positive work-related question: what is your favorite job you’ve ever had?

I was going to say internships didn’t count, but then I realized my favorite job was an internship! I interned at the aquarium in the city where I attended college and loved it. I thought I was learning a lot, doing good work, and I got a “Staff” badge and therefore could get into the aquarium free whenever I wanted. Which was all the time.

So what’s your favorite job ever? Feel free to brag a little if you’re lucky enough to be in that job right now!

5 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Hardly Working”

  1. I was a camp counselor for a million years. I loved every second of it.  getting paid to be silly and play all day in the woods?  yes, thanks.

    I have this awesome memory of the first day of a camp for high schoolers.  we knew that they’d be way too cool for school so we wanted to shake things up and set the tone for the week.  a buddy of mine put jon denver’s Thank God I’m a Country Boy on as loud as possible and we had a spontaneous hodown singing and dancing a made up square dance in front of the staff cabin while the cool high school kids were heading to the lodge for dinner.  every time I need a happy memory, that’s the one i go to.

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