Fall Bracket II: Voting Day Nine, The Younger Games

Just when we’ve recovered from the battles leading to the Sweet Sixteen, it’s time to cut some more fabulous ladies from the bracket. 

Today’s polls are all about the Youngs, we’ll be cutthroat with the Olds tomorrow. Results will be announced next Monday, and polls will be open until at least Saturday.

Today’s match-ups:

Lisa Simpson

Animated gif of Simpson's character Lisa Simpson yelling into a bullhorn with "Li'l Agitator" written on the side.

v. Miss Piggy

Lucy Ricardo

Actress Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo makes faces at a taxidermied bear head.

v. Darlene Conner

gif of a scene from Roseanne, where Darlene appears in a commercial for Rodbell's department store.

Veronica Mars


v. Arya Stark


v. Echo


And here’s the poll:

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9 Comments Fall Bracket II: Voting Day Nine, The Younger Games

  1. Avatar of LadyOverseasLadyOverseas

    I really don’t have any love for Arya (I know, I know, I am probably banned from P-Mag now :) and I still kind of want to BE Veronica Mars, so that was an easy decision.

    I’m just glad my horse is still in this race because last year I think she disappeared quickly. But I don’t love anyone on TV as much as I <3 Lucy. Seriously. Forever. Comedy and women in comedy wouldn’t be the same today without her, and she is just as hilarious now as she was decades ago.


  2. Avatar of BaseballChica03BaseballChica03

    Sorry, Echo. You’re going down.

    (Unless everyone here is an infant who doesn’t remember the glory of Xena, Warrior Princess, in which case I will sit in a corner over here and weep.)

      1. Avatar of OpifexOpifex

        Echo on the other hand was probably one of the least interesting characters on her show. Actually, as interesting as I found Dollhouse, the lady characters failed to thrill me. Sierra and November’s back stories were basically both generic damaged woman. Wah Wah Wah.

        1. Avatar of [E] Slay Belle[E] Slay Belle

          I haven’t watched the second season yet, but I agree with you. Part of this is simply because Dushku is a limited actress. I never really understood why Whedon liked her so much.

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