News That Doesn’t Suck, With Selena and queSarahSarah

This is News That Doesn’t Suck, where your P-mag writers share stories that restore our faith in humanity. This week, queSarahSarah and Selena are bring you all the good news that’s fit to type. 

You know what makes everything better, kittens? Kittens. Here’s a 24-hour a day kitten cam for you to get your daily dose of “AWWWWWW!” (via Huffington Post)

There’s such a thing as a supercomputer, built out of Lego bricks. (via Wired)

New Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey, gave her first reading this past Thursday. (via Slate)

Bees can reboot their brains to adapt to tasks. Obviously, since bees are aliens. (source: Doctor Who) (via New Scientist)

New belt will help elderly people prevent falls by predicting behavior. (via PSFK)

Here’s a gallery of pictures of classrooms from around the world, and a great article on the Chicago teachers’ strike. (via Guardian, UK) (via Jezebel)

Brilliant. After the End of Men (via The Awl) and Celebrity Pu$$y (via Laughing Squid)

This is just neat: Infographic about 50 people who are influential in design.

Teachers with higher expectations have students with higher IQs and better performance. (via NPR)

81-year-old model rocks Fashion week. (via ABCnews)

Baby panda born at National Zoo. PandaCam is overloaded. (via LATimes)

The University of Chicago publishes dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Demotic. It’s only been 40 years in the making, no big deal. (via New York Times)

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