Birthday Giveaway: Bryn Gives Away Doctor Who Mini Figures!

There are plenty of Whovians around these parts, and we want you to know we love you deep down in our geeky hearts. OK, that kind of sounded like a poem.



These come in blind packs. You’re going to get 4 of them, but I have no idea which ones!

To win, please say in the comments who your favorite Companion is, OR speculate about the new Companion. The winner will be chosen by random drawing. Good luck and Geronimo!


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44 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway: Bryn Gives Away Doctor Who Mini Figures!”

  1. When I’d just seen a few episodes (via marathons on BBCA), Amy was my favorite.

    But now that I’ve seen most of the reboot (thank you Netflix!), I’ll have to go for Donna Noble. She wasn’t in love with the Doctor, but saw him as a friend (which was what they both needed). And, well, she’s the temp worker who has to see (and save) the universe to realize that she’s important. I can relate.

  2. Doctor Who figures? omgwant. Donna Noble is by far my favorite standalone companion, though I loved the dynamic her grandfather had with the Doctor and really have this pocket dream about the Doctor finding an older companion with an awesome devil-may-care attitude, rather than just another pretty young thing. Oh yeah, and Rory, who doesn’t love Rory?

  3. I’m seeing a lot of love for Donna here, which is great because my cousin was just telling me that “everyone hates Donna.” NO WAY, I said. Everyone does not hate Donna, and I know this because I LOVE Donna. You are all proving my cousin wrong. I might have to direct him to this thread to set him straight.

    1. I did NOT like Donna at first. The episode where we first meet her? She grated on me terribly. When she came back as a companion, I got so mad. But little by little she grew on me. Once we got to the Agatha Christie episode, there was no turning back. Now I love even Early Donna on re-watches.

  4. Donna is hands-down my favorite. She started off (and ended as) pretty abrasive, but she grew so much while she was traveling with the Doctor, and she was probably the closest to being his equal of all the companions. All the others (except for poor Rory) have idolized the Doctor in some way, but she was willing to tell the Doctor he was wrong without any apology. And she also had the most heart-breaking send-off. I cry so hard every time I watch that episode.

  5. Every companion was my favorite until the next one came along, much like with the doctors. How could we say goodbye to Eccleston? How could we say goodbye to Tennant? I had to go watch Youtube interviews with Matt Smith so that I could bear watching his first episode.

    Let’s say Amy and Rory are my favorites (unless we’re counting River Song). But I’ve loved all the companions in the new series.

  6. I love Rose Tyler. She was the first companion I knew by my own choice, and I love that she just wanted to travel with The Doctor and nothing else. She just simply enjoyed adventuring with him.

    Also, I don’t think we’ve seen the new companion yet. Though I do wish it could be Oswin. She’s sassy.

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