LTP: What’s that Smell?

Wrinkle your noses.

OK, this one might be a little icky. But what is your least favorite food smell?

Mine is tuna fish. I know, not surprising the vegetarian doesn’t like a meat smell. But I can usually handle others. Some even smell good, despite having no desire to eat them.

But the smell of a tuna fish sandwich, especially somewhere contained like a train or classroom, makes my insides want to curl up and die.

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13 thoughts on “LTP: What’s that Smell?”

  1. Weed…weed makes me want to vomit. We had a neighbor who smoked it constantly, and it always made it smell like there was a skunk nearby. I developed such a strong smell aversion to it that when I worked in a hotel, I could smell tiny “crumbs” of it left behind by previous tenants, which I would then report to the front desk so they would be charged with smoking in the room. If you smoke marijuana, I really don’t care, just please keep it to yourself! :(

    The other smell I dislike is semen. Or super strong perfumes. Ack!

  2. Brussels sprouts and, oddly enough, hot broccoli in my car. Cooking broccoli in the kitchen doesn’t bother me, but if I am transporting it after it is cooked it smells like shoes that have gotten wet and been left in a hole.

  3. Burnt popcorn. Putrefied shark (also see: ammonia). Orange juice. And the sight of anything made with bisquik makes me feel a little nauseous, because I tend to get ill from something in that stuff (I’m fine with the same stuff made without it).

  4. Cooking cabbage, salmon croquettes and deep fry grease/oil. The first two remind me of my least favorite childhood dishes after liver ‘n’ onions, the last one because of all the shit kitchen jobs I’ve worked that made the inside of my nose permanently smell like old oil.

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