Persephone Lounge is Open for Business

And for once, kids, I’m having a great week!

That’s probably because I’m burning off some vacation time this week, so I haven’t had to deal with work for a while, and I’d forgotten how nice it is to occasionally forget what day it is.

So come on in, get cozy, and tell me about your week. Anything new? Funny? Angry-making?

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10 thoughts on “Persephone Lounge is Open for Business”

  1. I have had a kind of crummy week, but am keeping my chin up. Ladyfriend coming up to visit this weekend, and next week is Thanksgiving, and even though some sucky things have happened, no-one is on fire.

  2. I started my first ever crochet project this week. It’s a verrrrrrry long scarf (the Gentleman Procrastinator is 6’6″) and it’s nearly finished. I do have a question if there are any crocheters around. Should I be winding my yarn in a ball or is keeping it in the skein cool?

  3. My parents are awesome and bought my plane ticket from Denver back to FL in March as a Xmas/birthday present. I’ll spend a week with just my sis and her hubby, then parents will fly in for family time and then back to the motherland. Reality is sinking in very fast.

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