Lunchtime Poll 1/28/13: Baked Treats

[E] Sally J. FreedmanLunchtime Poll6 Comments


Happy Monday, Persephoneers! Today I’m talking desserts, pantry desserts. What sort of sweet treats, or ingredients for sweet treats, do you keep on hand? I find if I have chocolate chips on hand, along with some brown sugar, I can make a variety of muffins, bars and cookies without making a run to the store. Yum.

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[E] Sally J. FreedmanLunchtime Poll 1/28/13: Baked Treats

6 Comments on “Lunchtime Poll 1/28/13: Baked Treats”

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  1. Profile photo of [E] Hillary
    [E] Hillary

    I pretty much always have some sort of cookies and chocolate in the house. So far as ingredients, I almost always have a box of brownie mix on hand and am without fail somehow missing one key ingredient for cookie making unless I plan ahead.

  2. Profile photo of twiddle

    I loves me some baking, especially in winter, so I have a pretty good array of baking ingredients on hand all the time (I even keep a few extra sticks of butter in the freezer because that is the one thing I always need more of). This weekend Boyfriend and I had a random conversation about the hilarity of the word bundt — as in bundt cake. That afternoon I had made possibly the greatest chocolate raspberry bundt cake I have ever tasted, all without leaving the house.

  3. Profile photo of Dormouse

    I keep basic dry goods (multiple flours, different sugars, etc.) on hand most of the time, but I’m not very good at keeping around all the other ingredients necessary for baked goods. Things like eggs and milk don’t usually take up residence in my house except for specific needs.

  4. Profile photo of [E] Rachel
    [E] Rachel

    Funny you should ask. I just decided I wanted something baked, and it appears I have all of the necessary ingredients for cupcakes. I’ll let you know how they are in an hour or so.

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