Lunchtime Poll for 1/24/13

Good morning, dear friends! We have another wonderful line up for you today and to kick things off, it’s the lunchtime poll.

Those of us up in the northeast are freezing our tits off in this cold snap. I’ve been guzzling down herbal tea by the gallon. If I was a drinking girl, a hot toddy might be in order. So that leads us to today’s question: what’s your favorite warmed drink? Are you a Irish Coffee lass? A Glogg guy? Tell us all about it.

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5 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll for 1/24/13”

  1. Hot Toddy for the win. Also hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps :). Though I have to say, one of the local ice cream shops that has a to-die-for belgian chocolate ice cream created a divine combination by mixing it with steamed milk = best hot cocoa I’ve ever had, hands down. mmm I kind of want to go get some now…

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