13 thoughts on “Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Episode 5.1, “Beverly Hills 9-0-2-Uh-Oh!””

  1. Penny Tration reminded me rather much of my high school Drama teacher…Serena Cha Cha needs to learn some dressing room etiquette, but I did enjoy her lip sync, she put her all into that. The highlight for me was Alaska’s (unfortunately censored) weenie flailing dance.

  2. Lineysha Sparx is definitely the one to watch. Can’t wait to see more of her.

    I know what you mean, Cristina, about drag lingo. Sometimes it’s a hoot, and sometimes it gets really tiresome. I mean, I get it that Drag is the ultimate self-reflexive art, that its camp constantly reflects back on its simultaneous presentation as real/not real. But honestly, when I hear “realness” and “sickening” and “hunty” over and over again–in ways that are clearly just hankering for “in” status–I’m, like, enough already! I want to hear REALLY clever verbiage and sharp, sharp wit!

    That said, looking forward to this season! Some of these queens are amazing (I like Jade, too). As annoying as Serena is, I’m curious to see if she’ll learn quickly from mistakes (not a bad lip-sync at all). Though, as a Pittsburgh constituent, am disappointed by Alaska and the whininess.

  3. I don’t like Alyssa Edwards so far, and what pissed me the most was when she said:

    I am serving you Alyssa Edwards realness?

    (So what is that? Isn’t that just… you? Like, can you serve self-realness? I am clearly not the drag grammar police but that annoyed me because IT MADE NO SENSE)

    Anyway, hysterical review. I also feel sad for Penny.

  4. Watched my DVRed episode earlier tonight. I actually rather like Jade, but that could just be me. ;) I was sad for Penny to go as well – I’m sorry, but Serena’s outfit alone should have gotten her the boot; it was, as they said, like a little boy wearing drag and not doing it well – but, hey, no lyrics = sashay away. This looks to be a great season, and thank you for covering it!

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