This Open Thread is Pretty Sure It’s the Weekend

My Google Calendar tells me it’s Friday, so let’s celebrate.

You made it to the first weekend OT of 2013, and that’s something to be proud of. Kick back, open that bottle of wine that you had hidden away because it was too nice to share with the relatives, and try to scrounge up some leftover holiday cookies while we bask in each other’s company.

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16 thoughts on “This Open Thread is Pretty Sure It’s the Weekend”

  1. I’m so Tired lately. I was hoping that I’d go longer without this kind of flare- Pain flares, I get, but fatigue flares… :-/ I’ve gone to bed early two nights in a row, and yesterday I slept till 2pm and today It was well after 11 am.

    I’m pretty aggravated with myself. I’m also lonelier than usual, which kind of sucks.

  2. Got into a huge fight with my best friend last night, the first one we’ve ever had in almost 8 years of friendship. It’s one of those things were I can’t even remember how it got started or why it continued but we both said things we shouldn’t have and acted crazy. And now I don’t know if he and I are even friends any more.

    I was trying to get on a healthy eating streak but fuck it, I’m getting Dunkin Donuts and hanging out with my cats who will never hurt me.

  3. Feh, apartment life. Neighbors who have late, loud parties (that turn into what sound like late, loud fights) are not fun. Nor are roommates who decide to go passive-aggressive-potentially-actually-aggressive because the other roommate and I are not huge fans of either having a live-in boyfriend or that roommate/the boyfriend’s habit of leaving the front door unlocked. In a complex that tends to have occasional (once a month, sometimes twice) break-ins. Feh.

    Also, job hunting when I’m working 8-hour days and usually gone for 10+ hours each day and can’t afford to miss work for interviews (not that I’d get any, especially since I’m too broke to pay my cell phone bill this month) is crappy.

    Obviously I am grumpycat this morning.

  4. I want to throw a big shout out to PMag. I don’t comment on actual articles a lot, but I hope you can see my page views. You ladies really do rock, I love the variety of articles, and wish you nothing but page clicks and unicorns.

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