6 thoughts on “This Thursday Open Thread is Where it’s at”

  1. Guys, every week I dislike my landlady more and more. She’s not awful, but she has had loud sex in her living room twice in the last two weeks, every week she has one particular awful man-friend over who sits in the same living room and swears and yells (this is the middle of nowhere, the men can generally be characterized as ‘rough’ so he’s not abnormal in that way).

    They’re upstairs right now, it’s getting close to midnight, and none of them seem to remember that the people downstairs have to work in the morning.

    Fuck. Generally it’s not a big deal but right now I’m having a hard time dealing with what seems like a general lack of consideration for anyone but herself.

    ONE DAY WE WILL BUY A HOUSE AND BEGONE. But not for a few years yet.

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