Dispatches from Ladyblogland: Workin’ Hard

Ladyblogland was really good this week. Really, really good. Get ready to bill a few hours of work this week to administrative meetings while you read these gems.

Animated gif from 30 Rock of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) saying "No it's not, it's the worst! Because of society!"
It’s because of society!

This piece on a father who adopts a murderer is from September, but it’s been making the rounds again because This American Life did a story about it last week. Everything about this is so good and so well written. Read it, then listen to the This American Life. You’ll cry. XOJane and This American Life

The Onion did a hilarious article titled “Teenage Girl Blossoming into Beautiful Object.” Everything wrong with our culture in one title (and a few hilarious paragraphs). The Onion

The Billfold (part of The Awl/Hairpin) has been doing a series on money and depression. Their latest, on whether to tell people at work, is really, really good. The Billfold

How not to be a dick to your black friend, from XOJane

Why it’s important not to call horrible people crazy. The are horrible human beings, not crazy. The F Word

This is from us, but honestly, pileofmonkeys’ post on Internet friendships was the best thing I read all week. Persephone Magazine


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  1. I really liked that xojane article on “how not to be a dick to your black friend” because honestly, my growing up in Africa didn’t set me up to deflect biases and ideas about African Americans and their culture. Somehow along the way, I still wound up with a bunch of stereotypes about African Americans, and reading articles like this one are so enlightening! I don’t want to be a jerk or an ignoramus because I absorbed Hollywood’s interpretations of African American culture. I follow a tumblr called “confronting your white privilege” for the same reason. I don’t want to be a dick!

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