Lunchtime Poll 2/25/2013: Everybody Dance

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Good Monday, Perspheoneers! This weekend, my Brownie scout attended her second Father/Daughter dance. There was a magic show, a photo booth and a cupcake tower. Oh yeah, and there was dancing. Which got me thinking to my school dances days. I started high school in 1987, and one of the most popular songs at the dances for my entire high school career was “Mony, Mony” by Billy Idol. It seemed like every dance, the DJ would play the song, and every single time, an administrator would cut the song off as soon as the mass of teens started chanting along with it. Gen Xers, you know what I’m talking about.

What did you dance to in your dance hall days?

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[E] Sally J. FreedmanLunchtime Poll 2/25/2013: Everybody Dance

6 Comments on “Lunchtime Poll 2/25/2013: Everybody Dance”

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    1. Profile photo of twiddle

      Yes. This exactly. And I totally loved the “What Is Love” song because I could actually do something like the Night At the Roxbury dance! Not so much the Macarena…

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    freckle [M]

    Every school party ended with a Grease song, usually Summer Love. I’d sing along loudly until I “on accident” crossed eyes with the guy I crushed on and clapped my mouth shut with the sound of thunder.

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