8 thoughts on “Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Episode 5.2, “Quoth the Drag Queen: Ever More (Ridiculousness!)””

  1. I also will miss Penny Traition, and to be quite honest “The Chevy Chase of this little community” is the best/worst insult anyone can receive. It is also the greatest way to define Miss Serena. (The untucked ep in which Coco read her was glorious, though)

    Alyssa surprised me this week. I really had thought she was boring, but the lip sync was tight, even if her runway faces are so weird, and the dog-walking was odd.

    At some point Ru said “I need your lip sync to be as tight as your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent” and that’s when I blessed him for life.

  2. I started watching Drag Race because of you, Miss Worded, and I’m so enjoying both it and your recaps! You make me to laugh. Heartily. And…I liked the Chewbacca fringe. Thought it was way sexy. Dang, wish I had those boobs. Also glad that Monica rocked her lip sync and gets to stay. She’s beautiful. Had enough of whippersnapper Serena. Guess Serena gets to shuffle off to Buffalo, or cha cha back to art school (I’m sure they offer summer courses).

    1. Short of me taking a dozen pictures of my TV and editing them, there’s no great way to do this, as LOGO does not post pretty pictures of all the queens (that I can find) the way say Project Runway does. I’m sorry! You’ll have to DVR the show if you can. So worth it, believe me.

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