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    I am concerned for Jinkx in the next episode. Ru is known for throwing queens she likes, but doesn’t love, a win right before they get sashay’ed. And I don’t recall Ru telling Jinkx she has immunity next week, so …

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    Huzzah for The Snatch Game! As I am a long-time admirer your recaps, Miss Worded, going waaaay back to your Project Runway days, I must say I hope the next challenge will be “The Fish Whistle Game.”

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    Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone

    I’m Jinxx fan alllll the way. Have been since Episode one. This just cemented it. But unless she can pull more galmazonian realness- even if she makes it all hers via funny-ing it up- I do worry about how things are going to work out here in a few weeks.

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    Mona Se Queda

    Ack! I was so dissapoint in this episode. I thought Little Edie/Jinx killed it and Tamar was funny too (even though I didn’t know who she was), but idk, I thought Alaska as Lady Bunny was just like Lady Bunny normal (I know her from Drag U). BUT EVERYONE ELSE WAS SO UNFUNNY.

    Anyways, I COULD NOT believe that the other queens didn’t know who Little Edie was and I fully agree with you that viewers of Drag Race probably will know who she is. I’m afraid for Jinx though- I’m afraid she will go the way of Pandora.

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      Lucy Woodhull

      It is the best. Honestly, when I was going through the worst of what 2012 had to offer me, watching past seasons of this on Netflix saved my brain. It’s funny, it’s smart, and it’s full of Ru telling you to love yourself. What is not to adore?

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            Lucy Woodhull

            Ha! Yeah, I did SVU a little when I was low and it was such a weird choice. My husband always made fun of me for watching dire horribleness to cheer myself up.

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