This Week’s Best of Pinterest: Funny Things Edition (Cats Included)

Hello, my sparkling lovelies. I think Pinterest would like to help brighten your day, so let us take a look at some funny things I’ve seen floating about the place this week.

Artwork with a silhouette of two rabbits, humping, between the letters F and K, making it look like it spells out FUCK

Pinned by Bryan Khoo

A guinea pig in a tiny Radio Flyer wagon, captioned "They See Me Rollin' They Hatin'"

Pinned by Natalie Loren

Ink drawing of two men's heads, one upside-down below the other, joined by their beards

Laith McGregor, biro on paper, pinned by drawdrawdraw*

A black and white cat, sitting on someone's legs, captioned "I don't always bite people, but when I do, I bite the shit out of them."

Jojo the Cat, pinned by Faythe Saxton

orange cat on a fencepost with its butt in the air, leaning over with its head by the top rail and its front paws wrapped around the post

Awkward Kitty Attack, pinned by Brooke Belcher

Kitten with its head peeping out from under a plaid flannel shirt, captioned, "I am super lazy today, which is like normal lazy but I'm also wearing a cape."

Lazy Sunday, pinned by Leah Fuller.

The plot of Les Miserables in text message icons

Les Mis in Emojii, pinned by ME. I can’t remember where I first saw it, lo siento.

Photo of Machu Picchu, with a llama in the foreground with its mouth wide open

Llama at Machu Picchu, pinned by Andrea Kilgore

Green and brown notebook with "Shit I Was Right About" on the cover.

Shit I Was Right About, pinned by ME, via Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!

If you are also on Pinterest and would like to share your funny finds for the week, cat-related or otherwise, do give us a shout in the comments.

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8 Comments This Week’s Best of Pinterest: Funny Things Edition (Cats Included)

  1. Avatar of DormouseDormouse

    Hahahaha! The guinea pig and the “super lazy” one were my favorites! I will probably start joking about being “super lazy” in the future.

    Here’s some “grumpy cat” cosplay:

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