Lunchtime Poll 3.14: Happy Pi Day!

Yes, it’s that nerdiest of holidays, Pi Day! I could ask you your favorite irrational number, but since I’d like people to actually comment, I’m bringing back the classic Internet fight over Team Cake vs. Team Pie. 

So which will it be? Cake or Pie? Or, because we recognize that there’s no reason to discriminate, Team Both?

[myo_poll poll = 113595 "box" perc = "yes"]

Defend your side in the comments below! (Or, if by some chance you do have a favorite irrational number, you can tell us that too!)

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6 Comments Lunchtime Poll 3.14: Happy Pi Day!

  1. Avatar of bronwynm23bronwynm23

    I’m going to have to say both. I always love cake (especially with ice cream) but it depends on the pie. I could pass on any pie that’s not a “cream” pie; coconut cream, banana cream, chocolate cream… YUM!

  2. Avatar of AnastasiaAnastasia

    I am Team Pie, with the caveat that cheesecake is misnamed and is, in my mind, actually a pie.

    Actually, if I could just be Team Cheesecake, that would be cool.

  3. Avatar of [M] freckle[M] freckle

    The English words for cake and pie and the Dutch meaning for cake and my association with pie (savoury) will never put me into some confusing confusion, but I support them all.

    Anyway, my mother made apple pie last night so I’ll definitely be celebrating tonight.

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