Lunchtime Poll 3/1/13: FMK

It’s another Friday comment game LTP!

It’s Friday, we’re all ready for the weekend, let’s sass things up with a rousing game of fuck/marry/kill. I’ve also heard it called marry/kiss/push off a cliff, but I’m crass, so I like the first one better. I’ll post a list below, anyone can answer to my list, as long as they add a list of their own.

Since we’re called Persephone, let’s get a little Greek in here.
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  • Zeus
  • Aphrodite
  • Dionysus


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16 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll 3/1/13: FMK”

  1. Fuck Aphrodite (I mean, hello? Goddess of love?), Marry Dionysus, Kill Zeus (because he is an asshole — well, all the Greek gods are, but still).

    And now for my ultra-nerdy, ultra-obscure version: Classical Composers Edition! Basically it’s: Chopin, Mendelssohn, Liszt.

      1. Personally, it would have gone: Fuck Liszt (cause he had all those women, so you know he was good in bed), marry Mendelssohn (he seems like a smart, upstanding kind of guy), and kill Chopin (but only cause he was sick half the time, so it would been really easy). As for the presidents, it would be: Fuck Lincoln (he’s awesome), marry Truman (he seems like a nice guy, even if he did drop the A-bomb) and kill Reagan, because he is stupid and annoying.

        I’ll give you another one: Narnia version! Caspian, Peter and Edmund. ( For me it’s: F- Caspian, M-Peter and Kill-Edmund.)

        1. I knew somebody was gonna throw Chewie out there! Goddamnit. Obviously I have to fuck Han Solo and kill Boba Fett, so that leaves me marrying Chewbacca. I’m already married to a hairy dude; at least Chewie’s tall.

          Star Trek: TNG: Picard, Riker, Worf

  2. Fuck – Dionysus. I mean, he’s kinda the god of it.
    Marry – Aphrodite.
    Kill – sorry Zeus, I want no part of your freaky zoological sexual violence fetish.

    GoT-themed one: Littlefinger, the Hound, Tywin Lannister.

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