Lunchtime Poll 3/20/13: Good Decisions

Hello, Persephoneers! Our host exploded yesterday, but we’re back on line and hopefully problem-free. 

To get this Wednesday off to a good start, what’s a good decision you’ve made recently?

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8 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll 3/20/13: Good Decisions”

  1. I went to lunch with one of the girls from the NARAL group on campus after the pro-choice rally (we went to a place with REALLY GOOD food, and they had vegan options for her, so win).

    And then I found out that apparently that job I’ve been waiting to hear about? They hired someone. Someone not me because if it were me, I would know. Ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    Now to figure out how I’m going to not be starving and homeless and, long-term-ish, focus on the grad school application. Because I need to have SOMETHING to work towards or things in my head are gonna get…unpleasant.

  2. I started a “100 days of fitness” program, where I do 30 minutes of physical activity for 100 days. I just finished my first week and I already feel fitter when doing my 30 minutes (brisk walking up hills, for now), and it’s making me happy!

      1. Thanks! I’m trying to ingrain it into my schedule so exercise becomes just a matter of habit, as regular as taking a shower or eating lunch…that way getting out won’t seem like such a monumental task!

  3. My school’s spring break is next week, and I decided to try and take a road trip with a friend for at least the second weekend. :) I think it will end up being a good decision! (Also, decided to try dating this friend…not official! but also a good decision! :D )

  4. I made the decision to take a medical ASL course. I’m super excited to learn more ASL and to see if how I typically interact with deaf and/or hard of hearing persons is the most efficient and polite way possible. We took a pretest for the course yesterday, and the woman scoring our first patient encounter thought I did super well with the situation. I needed that pat on the back. :)

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