Lunchtime Poll 3/22/13: Time Travel

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Let’s pretend you’ve suddenly developed the tools necessary to travel in time. 

Would you travel to the past or the future? Would you pass on the chance to go to either? Tell me why in the comments.


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[E] Selena MacIntosh*Lunchtime Poll 3/22/13: Time Travel

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  1. Profile photo of Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters
    Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters

    Past! If I had unlimited visits, I’d have surprise coffee/tea visits with various authors and poets. And relatives who’ve passed on, or who I like a lot now — even if it’s just to say “so, your grandkid/niece/cousin is pretty awesome, yeah?” (referring, of course, to myself). Maybe throw in a few “dude, seriously, STAHP” encounters with the known asshats of the family.

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    Past. And not even anywhere that interesting. I want to visit my parents when they were in their early 20s. For the last 25 years of my life, they have held out their perfection as something to be lived up to. Now I am hearing stories of my father growing pot in my grandmother’s upstairs closet, my mother being in a wet t-shirt contest….I want photo proof so I can throw it in their faces, and be like, “See? I have not made decisions anywhere NEAR this bad. So you can stop driving me crazy now.”

    Of course, their response will probably just be, “That’s because we’re such great parents.” Even with hypothetical time travel, I can’t win.

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