Lunchtime Poll: Bacon

Yesterday we had pancakes and waffles, today we’re serving up some bacon. Not the food, mind you, the trend. 

I am so tired of bacon-mania. There, I said it. I still think it is a tasty accompaniment to a variety of meals, but it needs to stop showing up in my Facebook feed. I also don’t think everything needs to be available in bacon flavor. I’m looking at you, lip balm, cupcakes and spaghetti sauce.

Am I the only one, or is anyone else over it? Are there any other trends that you feel are ready to retire?

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10 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Bacon”

  1. I love bacon, but I’m happy to keep it with my pancakes or on baked potatoes and cheeseburgers (or wrapped around a nice filet mignon, yum). I have had it on a french toast flavored cupcake, though, and it was kinda fucking awesome. But as a pop culture “thing,” it’s getting kind of old.

    1. I once had a cupcake that tasted like pancakes with real maple syrup. And it had one perfect piece of brown sugared bacon on the top. And it was marvelous. Salty and sweet and tasted like breakfast. That having been said, I am so over bacon. Except as a food. A wonder food.

  2. Bacon is great all on its own. I see no reason for bacon flavor/scented thing to exist when actual bacon is available. Also most bacon product stuff smells like dog treats which is not appetizing in anyway. I’m now going to make a BLT for lunch to help prove my point, or something.

  3. I *love* bacon. I despair at the idea of bacon-flavoured….things. Apart from these crisps that I had one time. They were beautiful.

    Today I had bacon in a scone because I thought it was something else. It tasted weird.

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