Lunchtime Poll: School Band

Did you play an instrument when you were in school?

I played clarinet in middle school. I quit before high school, because I had no desire to march, but I always kind of regretted it. I liked having an hour a day to stop studying and make music. Thankfully, I was able to fulfill my creative needs with a wide variety of art classes.

Were you a band geek? Dare I ask if there are any good band camp stories floating around out there? If not band, what was your favorite elective?

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4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: School Band”

  1. I played a mean handbell in the 4th grade Christmas show! I was never in the band because the way my school assigned instruments was messed up; we took a musical aptitude test in 5th grade and had to list what instruments we wanted (without input from our parents), and then they assigned them based on the test scores. I wanted to play drums, but we weren’t allowed to pick percussion unless we’d taken piano lessons (??). They said tuba and baritone were good if you had braces, so I picked those instead and was eventually assigned baritone horn. The thing was, my mom had played the clarinet and still had hers and my parents were pissed that I didn’t pick it because they were NOT going to pay to rent an instrument for me. But clarinet was where they put all the people who sucked, so I didn’t want to play it! I wanted to take choir instead, but my parents figured I’d flunk out of it so I took art classes and a semester of general music in junior high instead.

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