6 thoughts on “Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Episode 5.7, “Tragedy Tomorrow — Comedy Tonight!””

  1. Roxxxy — who I initially really liked — has been plummeting in my estimation.

    This tumblr summed up my thoughts pretty well (http://katten-jansson.tumblr.com/post/45276691741/spoilers-and-shit-whatevs).

    “i was honestly counting down the days until the ‘twist’ was that ru let both queens stay

    but if you ask me, roxxxy needed to go. Alyssa SLAYED that runway and made it her bitch. Ooooh you had a wig under your wig? (are we noticing a pattern that roxxxy is literally ALL gimmick? without the gimmicks shes super vanilla) then the bitch just stood and whipped her hair while alyssa killed it

    and then i got pissed with that sob story

    what happened to roxxxy was shitty. and i feel for her. but every other queen standing there, hell everyone watching, has a sob story. so… what was her point? she talks more shit than any other queen and bullies them, now all of a sudden she’s so vulnerable because shes on her way out? please. im sure alyssa had some heartbreaking stories but she just worked it and didn’t rely on pity to stay

    luckily that shit only works ONCE


    And I was so surprised that Ivy did a semi-decent job at the roast because hes so sweet and was really struggling with coming up with jokes. but ivy pulled it together

    I’m also getting tired of the judges commenting on Jinx’s glamor (or lack thereof). Jinx is like… a funny disney villain comidienne. she’s not a pageant queen – and that’s ok! maybe they need to judge her based on that and stop trying to shove her into this glamor mold because its just setting her up for failure

    anyways i hope roxxxy is gone soon”

    Adding that I actually like Alyssa more each each. I don’t think she quite “gets” a lot of the typical social contract, which makes me a bit protective of her. Plus she is a TROOPER at every challenge. You never hear her complain or make excuses, and seems to be generally a really good sport.

    Team Jinkx!

  2. After the ep where TWO queens were cut we knew there’d me one where two would stay. After the performance and Roxxxy’s breakdown, I guess I’m glad it was this ep (even though I am not an Alyssa fan. She rubs me the wrong way and it gets worse every week).

    I do have to say that Coco is growing on me. I don’t want to like her, but I do. Is that bad?


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