Weekend Open Thread for 3/22/13

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The weekend is finally here! Which means absolutely nothing to those of us who work weekends, but it is nice in theory. 

Regardless of whether or not I work on Saturday, Friday nights for me usually involve a good meal, a good book, some wine, and a long soak in the bath.

What are you up to this weekend, Persephoneers?

Here’s a favorite Friday night song for y’all.

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[E]queSarahSarahWeekend Open Thread for 3/22/13

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  1. Profile photo of amandamarieg

    Boyfriend came to visit and was planning to stay until tomorrow, but then we saw the weather report this morning and found out a foot of snow was coming in the evening. So we did the responsible and mature thing and decided that he should leave to make it home before the weather hit. The weather came faster than expected, and now he’s still driving and is caught in the storm, and I’m scared.

    1. Profile photo of Frigg

      That’s scary, any news yet? I hate when you try to be mature and responsible and it still doesn’t work out. That always seems so wrong. Good luck, hope he doesn’t get stuck.

  2. Profile photo of twiddle

    Weekend update: I am absolute crap at making crepes (and when using the correct french pronunciation there are endless jokes to be made – when I am not weeping into my failed shreds of delicious thin pancake-y goodness). I swear to God, Julia Child must have been some kind of wizard.

  3. Profile photo of DrMrsJamesCole

    I am in flight denial (as evidenced by posting three times so far today…). I just got back from a 3-day trip and I have to fly out early-early tomorrow morning for CA (from the East coast). I’m not complaining about it at all (I do like traveling for work), but I keep forgetting that I have to get stuff done today because I won’t be around to do it otherwise. And of course I’m focusing on the ‘nice to do’s more than the ‘have to do’s. Devices must be charged! Entertaining things must be downloaded! Snacks must be loaded into bag! Son must have enough food to last him for a week!

    Hopefully I’ll get some scenic cool pics to share, but I’m not sure how many since we’ll be in lockdown-mode all week. I am at least attempting to ensure an In-and-Out is on the agenda!

  4. Profile photo of Nicolette B
    Nicolette B

    One of my favorite bands from teenhood (ok fine from nowhood too!) broke up and I’m unexpectedly sad about it. RIP My Chemical Romance :(

    But new Doctor Who so soon! And this weekend I have off! And I might get wings for lunch because I can!

  5. Profile photo of Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters
    Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters

    Not-my-friend roommate is just about moved out (she’s coming back tomorrow, when the nice roommate is here, to “make sure she didn’t forget anything”; I will be in my room and will not come out to “talk”, i.e., get screamed at). It’s already so much more peaceful. Even if she had a twenty-minute “talk” with nice roommate last night (I could hear her over the music on my headphones).

    It took me forever, but I’m going to the most local VA (veteran’s assistance) health office on Monday. We’re going to figure out my eligibility and see if I can has mental health care (and, possibly, what OTHER benefits I can get). My brain is a mess right now and needs a doctor-directed tidy, plus the whole being broke and unemployed parts are no fun (and they could, hypothetically, at least refer me to local organizations or to the state’s social services). Hopefully good things will come of that.

    And I am waiting for the dryer to finish so I can fold laundry and watch Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, because it was in my netflix dvd queue and it’s an entertaining movie.

  6. Profile photo of twiddle

    Why do I work so much better in a coffee shop than at home at my desk? It’s crazy. I mean, I suppose it could be worse, but it’s seriously fueling my intake of tea and pastry. Like I said, could be worse…

    1. Profile photo of Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters
      Sheena likes cold weather but not broken heaters

      I know I work better in a public or public-ish space than at home…Probably because I have to wear pants in public, and partly because my brain interprets the presence of other people as “have to stay on task or I’ll get busted for playing on facebook”. And, well, I don’t have to make or wash dishes for things like coffee or food.

    2. Profile photo of lizzsook

      I do too! I have a weekly three to four hour block on Sunday afternoons where I go to a coffee shop and get caught up on work. If I’m at home there are just too many things to do: Netflix, sleep, talk to the doggies, etc. I can’t do any of those thing in public or I’ll look like a weirdo.

  7. Profile photo of Liadan

    I am listen to Carly Rae Jepsen unironically, and it is mostly this site’s fault. But that’s okay! It’s like a soothing balm of synthesizer-fueled nonsense.

    In other news, because this month is terrible, I bought a bunch of stuff from Sephora. I am calling it self-care, rather than like, ill-advised retail therapy. And I’m possibly become a perfume person!

    I got a huge bottle of Fresh Sugar Lychee because I used my entire small bottle. That’s never happened; I love the stuff.

    I also got a sample of Lavanila Pure Vanilla, and I really like it too! I have smelled like a sexy cupcake ALL DAY LONG. Too much? I can’t tell. I really like cupcakes and can’t be objective.

    1. Profile photo of amandamarieg

      I have become a Sephora addict. I really like the Ole Henrickson moisturizer they carry. It smells like oranges. It’s also $52. So I go buy little things that I also need and then ask for the moisturizer sample. But it smells like oranges.

      And my current favorite perfume is Thierry Mugler “Angel.” It’s kind of dark and sexy with a tiny undernote of vanilla. It’s not sweet at all, which works for me.

      1. Profile photo of DrMrsJamesCole

        Oh BTW, if you like orange scent in moisturizers, I think the Murad Vitamin C one is a little cheaper (for the sizes at least) and also smells like oranges. Really, any moisturizer ‘featuring’ vitamin C tends to be on the orange-smelling side. My fave is the Bliss one that I just ran out of, but since I’m in one of those ‘get stuff in the mail’ clubs, I have to try and get rid of some samples before getting new ones!

      2. Profile photo of Liadan

        I definitely spent a good few months being all scornful of people who love Sephora. Then I… bought something. And it’s addicting because my make-up and fragrance things make me a little happier EVERY DAY. So it seems justified!

        I’m intrigued by the Angel scent… and when I looked it up I was reminded that my other favorite thing is the descriptions of fragrances. Like… ” evokes the emotion of tender childhood memories together with a sense of dreamlike infinity” … WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? But I need to smell it!

    2. Profile photo of twiddle

      I’ve never been a perfume person, myself, but might change my tune if I could smell like sexy cupcake. Screw fancy names for perfume, they should just call it that. I’d buy it.

      1. Profile photo of Liadan

        I learned far too recently that when you go to Sephora, they will give you samples of literally anything you want. Other stores might do things like that too, but I don’t know! So if you’re near one, you can always mooch a sample and try out the sexy cupcake experience on your own time!

    3. Profile photo of DrMrsJamesCole

      Sephora addicts unite! I’m a big fan of Fresh and LaVanilla scents; a while back I got a rollerball set with 3 of the Fresh scents, and a mixed set that had the LaVanilla grapefruit in it (my fave)- I travel a lot so having a variety of rollerballs and little samples works better than bottles. They release different sample sets in different sizes throughout the year too; if you wait until the ‘new’ set is released the ‘old’ sets go on sale. I get the rollerball samplers for ~$18, then you can get a free full-sized rollerball of the one you like most too. I did also get a few of the travel atomizers since they were only $3, but haven’t needed them yet.

      And I joined the Aveda mailing list, so they give you a free item on your birthday; this year I got a small spray mist that smells divine. It is the year of smelling awesome!

  8. Profile photo of marthamydear

    A bath sounds really wonderful, and I might do exactly that. This week has been so stressful and I just need to chill. This weekend is taxes and spring cleaning and catching up on work, so a non-weekend weekend, really. Count on me to pop in here lots on my breaks.

    1. Profile photo of twiddle

      That sounds kind of like a good idea actually. Well, my taxes are already done, but I do need to do some serious spring cleaning of things (yay decluttering!) and definitely the ever-present work.

  9. Profile photo of veruna

    I wish there was a “Content with Life” option on the feelings thingy cause that’s how I’m feeling about this weekend and the potential in this open thread. Tonight I’m curling up with a good book and watching Designing Women with some friends. I get to take an ASL class tomorrow, and then I have some of my favorite people visiting on Sunday. I simply cannot think of a better weekend right now. :)

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