Lunchtime Poll: Ewwww

This weekend I added a new beverage to my list of “Nastiest Things I Have Ever Put in My Mouth.”

I don’t want to name names here, so I’ll just say it was a carbonated beverage made by a company named after a character in BSG. It had such a uniquely unpleasant flavor, that I spent ten minutes trying to convince my son to try it so we could discuss how bad it was. He stubbornly declined.

Some other things on my list are: soda from a can that had been used as an ashtray, earwax (nail biters should be careful when scratching their ears) and a tube of Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. Oh, and a cheap melon vodka in Italy.

What is the nastiest think you have eaten, either on purpose or by accident?

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9 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll: Ewwww”

  1. I’ll leave aside inadvertently gross items (ashes in beer cans) and go to beverages that people actually enjoy but I can’t stand:
    – Gin (it tastes like medicine)
    – Bubble tea (those globules are disgustingly similar to mucus)
    – Anything from Starbucks that ends in ‘chino’ and has whipped cream (I can’t stand the taste of sweetened coffee)

  2. Pimm’s. Pimm’s tastes like earwax. I’m sorry, English people, but your tastebuds are wacky.

    Also root beer tastes like someone added a buttload of sugar to some mouthwash and put it in a can. So, um, sorry to USians too…

  3. Ditto the beer used as ashtray. I was a smoker and even that was nasty. There have been questionable beverages drunk in various locales that tasted what I imagine motor oil to taste like and there was an ungodly combination of wine, Jager, whiskey and tequila that I was forced to drink after an ill-advised game of ring of fire.

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