News Appetizers: Frustrations with The Man Edition

On this Friday afternoon – whether you’re lamenting the cost of putting gas in your car, or maybe you’ve received new work wardrobe requirements, and you know, orange MusicTown aprons really don’t suit you – there’s just one thing to do…

Empire Records poster
Should you be wondering what Rex Manning Day is, educate thyself by watching this movie.

Damn the man! Save the Empire!

First step: Educate yourself! Because there will be days when The Man tries to shock you, shock you, shock you with his deviant behavior, and we can’t have that. No, not today. Not on the week of Rex Manning Day.

At Mother Jones, reporters say that Exxon is blocking them from the pipeline spill site in Mayflower, Arkansas.

Meanwhile, at least someone is trying to stop BP from skirting punishment, as the court cases for their 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill move ahead.

Finally, the U.S. Senate moves forward with a gun control deal, hoping to expand background checks for guns purchased online and at at trade shows.

After police damaged the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library in late 2011, New York City will be paying $47,000 to settle the suit brought against them.

In sad news, Scottish author Iain Banks has been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and is only expected to live a few more months. The Guardian reports:

Banks wrote an exploration of the history of malt whisky, Raw Spirit, which gave him an excuse to expound his political beliefs. He began his journey, shortly after Iraq had been invaded, in a car festooned with anti-war posters. Given its timing, he wrote, the book “can’t help being about the war,” but then whisky had always been “up to its pretty bottle neck” in politics.

These days, Banks flaunts his political views with a FTT (Fuck the Tories ) T-shirt. But a courteous side was shown in his statement that the treatment he had received from the NHS in Scotland had been “exemplary, and the standard of care deeply impressive. We’re all just sorry the outcome hasn’t been more cheerful.”

In other UK death news, you’ve likely heard that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died. Also at The Guardian, Russell Brand offers his thoughts on growing up under The Iron Lady.

(Honestly, if anyone was “The Man” against which people rebelled, it was Thatcher.)

Finally, an interesting science note to carry you into the weekend: Apparently, it might be possible for women to store their as-yet-unused eggs in powder form: “Just add water and sperm.”

Say no more, mon amore…

Happy Friday!

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    1. Well, “moving forward” in the sense that a committee actually came up with a specific suggested plan, rather than the Senate’s usual method of “Um, we should do something about that. But only after we’ve finished fighting with each other. Which is never.”

      So it’s more movement than usual, is all.

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